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Old Skool Goodies, Baddies and Whatever

Old Skool Goodies, Baddies and Whatever

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About the Project

Finally getting round to painting the Lead/Plastic pile of shame! Mostly old school minis from days gone by, some much more recent than others

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Back to real Old Skool, square bases for Gerry!

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
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As an aside from the 15mm Dwarves I completed during my long Xmas break, I also finished off this really old Citadel Dwarf Bombard from the 1980’s! It has only been sitting on the painting table for a little over 18 months in a part painted condition. So following a good dusting I got back to it! As I’m trying to get things done to a fair tabletop condition I didn’t go overboard with the fine detailing as I usual do, but I’m pleased with the look all the same!

Adventures with Speed Paints 2, completed Elves and some opposition!

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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Despite finishing these in July, work/life issues and getting a new PC (damn you Total War in all your incarnations!) have prevented me from uploading these picture since then!

The completed army for Fantastic Battles comes to just over 850 points with some wiggle room provided by a couple of extra captains and extra mage. but for normal use will consist of:

Warlord on Dragon


3 captains

3  x knights

3 x Outriders

3 x City guard spearmen

4 x City guard archers



Just for Ben

Immediately after completing the Elves I started on some opposition, though as previously stated I only finished these yesterday (14 Jan). So here they are, Dwarves!

As with the Elves these were painted with Army Painter Speed Paints over a white highlighted grey undercoat. Unlike with the Elves I did encounter considerable re-activation of earlier layers but this was solved by a quick spray of matt varnish.

Again the army gomes to just over 850 points and consists of:




3 x Captains

4 x Elite, with 2 hand axes

3 x Spear Shield wall

2 x hand weapon shield wall

3 x crossbow

Big cannon

“steam” tank

I also have a couple of spare character models for additional captains if required,

I am now looking forward to finally trying out the game!


Adventures with Speed Paints

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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I was debating whether to Start a new project for this topic as the majority of the minis are hardly traditional Old Skool ones but as a few are from the AD&D Battlesystem range I think it’s close enough!

I recently purchased the new Army Painter Speed paints and was looking for a new project to test them out. At the same time I re-discovered a box file, shoe box and a large photograpic paper box all full of 15mm fantasy dating back many moons, so decided that I’d get an army sorted for Fantastic Battles.

The majority of the figures used come from the Chariot Minis range but also include some old Grenadier 15mm and I have recently started work on a Demonworld Elf Hero on Dragon, but this will not be covered in this update.

All the minis were given an undercoat of Halfords grey primer followed by a drybrush with white to give a rough Zenith effect. I then applied the speed paint as follows straight from the bottles.

Crusader Skin… All flesh.

Grim black … All armour, some hair

Dark wood… Belts, boots , some hair, some horses.

Zealot yellow….some hair, horse detailing.

Highlord Blue… Uniforms, feathers part shilds

Orc Skin…Horse archer uniforms

Fire Giant Orange…. Trim to quivers

Blood Red … Spear hafts

Other colours were used on the captains but too many to mention.

I was pleased with all the colours used except the Black for the armour which didn;t give the right feel for Elf armour so I highlighted this with silver. I then gave them a coat of matt varnish before tidying up any over paint on the grey/white primer layer and then highlighted this up with some Citadel Skull white. I had done a test with Holy White but this gave less tone than just leaving the original base layer ! I guess this is due to the scale of the minis as it does seem a lot better on 28mm!

As I wanted the characters to stand out I also gave them all a slight highlight just adding a little Skull White to the original base colour. I then used some Demonworld Elf transfers on the shields and banners.

I still have to complete the basing but I think you get a good idea of how well AP Speed Paints work.

As a foot note I completed the foot Archers and characters in just over 2 hours! A similar number of 15mm figs would normally take me twice that at least!

Lets try again! Byzantines and Wolf Riders

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 8
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Its been a while since my last update, well one that worked anyway! I did write out a long update last night but it failed to upload ! So try again !

I have completed another unit of 25mm Citadel DA range Byzantine foot, only another 80 or so to go! Painting method as previously discussed.

Those of you who have been following my project may have noticed the Goblin Wolf Riders in the background of many of my pictures! Following the removal of almost 1 years worth of dust I have also completed these! Not too much work was needed, a few highlights and the addition of some old 40K Wolf head transfers to the shields. I generally free hand things like this but decided that as I had the transfers they may as well be used!

30 in 30, what a brilliant Idea!

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 8
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Finally after another extended life break I have gotten back to painting again. The spur to this was courtesy of a couple of Facebook pages hosting 30 in 30 painting challenges. For the uninitiated that is 30 minutes of painting for every day of the month of November.  I decided this was just the sort of thing I needed to do to get my painting mojo back, however the Facebook challenges were for Oathmark armies and Frostgrave warbands,  so as I hadn’t got anything set up for those I decided to go my own way!

Despite the lack of painting over the summer I had managed to get a large number of old 1980’s Citadel Historicals into  Dettol baths so as the start of November approached it was time to get to work on them.

I give you Citadel Miniatures 25mm Dark Age Byzantines!

The first completed batch are 10 Cataphract Cavalry, 12 staff slingers and 12 javelin skirmishers (Later Mark 2 style). As survivors of a Dettol bath and many years of gaming abuse I have had to replace spears and make other repairs so they are not quite 100% authentic 1980’s! As they are only the tip of the iceberg for this army I decided to give them a simple no fuss paint scheme, base colours, dip and highlights otherwise I would never get them done! However I think this simple paint scheme suits these classic lead men.

Going with the 80’s theme these are based up for good old WRG 6th Ed, but will still work for many more recent games systems.

Impressive as this might seem for 30 minutes of painting for a month its not actually everything I have done! Still to be based are another 12 Javelin skirmishers, of Mark 1 style and 12 bow skirmishers have yet to be given a post dip highlight as can be seen below.

So overall a very productive month, all I have to do now is follow it through to next month!

Till next time ….

It go BOOM!

Tutoring 8
Skill 10
Idea 9
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Life in general has a way of ruining the best laid plans, as it’s been in my case these last couple of months! However some painting progress has been made with the first of my classic Dwarves. First up a “later” period cannon (1990’s)

As with almost all my figures I undercoated grey, just Halfords primer. The wood was my first real experiment with contrast paint which looked ok following application but was highlighted up slightly. The metal was then blacked in and highlighted up with firstly chainmail plus a bit more black, chainmail, chainmail + silver and finally a few dots of pure silver.

The barrel, black undercoat, then tin bitz, glittering gold/dwarf bronze mix and a nuln oil wash, the gold details were then further highlighted with more glittering gold and glittering gold/silver for a final accent.

Work in progress stage for the cannonWork in progress stage for the cannon

Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of the crew at different stages, but as there are plenty of other detailed painting guides out on the net I’ll pass on the detail.

The keen eyed among you, may also have spotted the other 1980’s gun in the back ground! Stay tuned for developments for that!

A bit sidelined!

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Skill 6
Idea 6
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I’ve been a bit sidelined for the last couple of weeks, firstly by hectic times at work and then by sorting out new storage for the man cave. This could have been turned into a project on its own after everything that has happened! In short the complete set I was after from Ikea was not available, so I had to substitute with individual items, this meant having to settle for 2 “half” height 40cm units rather than a full height one! I will get a replacement once it is available again. After getting the units delivered and fitting them together and to the wall, I turned to fixing the doors, lo and behold the first box I opened had a broken door! Cue 1 hour waiting on the phone to the soothing tones of Abba!!! I like the odd song (don’t we all in secret?) but an hour of it was torture! I am now waiting for a replacement to arrive, the middle of this week, but have started populating the shelves. Still a lot of stuff to go on and I will need additional glass shelves but here it is so far!

A bit sidelined!

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
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I’ve been a bit sidelined for the last couple of weeks, firstly by work and then by finally getting another section of the man cave sorted out with new shelves. This in itself turned into a quest in itself as the full kit I wanted from Ikea was not available! So I had to substitute a 40cm full sized Billy with 2 half sized oned. After delivery I spent quite a bit if time building the carcasses, fixing them to the walls then attaching the doors, only to find the glass on one of them had shattered! Cue an hour hanging on the phone to the gentle tones of Abba, I may like the odd tune (don’t we all secretly?) but an hour of it is excessive, I finally got through and a replacement is on its way! In the meantime I have started populating the shelves. Will need more glass shelves but they will have to wait till next payday!

Coming Soon!

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
Idea 10

Just a few hints of what is to come in future! I did say my collection goes back a good while!

Work has started on the next batch …… but what will it be?!!!!


An hour a day puts these Gobbo's away!

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Skill 9
Idea 8
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Its been a hectic week at work, but despite this I was able to get around to more painting and to finish off this latest batch of Goblins.

spearheads, scythes and other “iron” metals were given a heavy drybrush with chainmail.

The gongs drybrushed with dwarf bronze, then another drybrush with 50/50 dwarf bronze/ shining gold and a final drybrush over the moon with the bronze/gold mix with some added silver.

Belts were picked out with a 60/40 mix of Graveyard Earth /white. This mix was also used to highlight the stalks and undersides of the mushrooms, the skulls and individual teeth. More white was added to further highlight the skulls and teeth.

White was added to the remaining Yellow/Yellow Ochre mix in the wet pallet and this was applied as a careful highlight layer over the moon designs.

A fairly thick coat of neat scarlet was applied to the shield rims and tops of the mushrooms. and finally blobs of white were added to the mushrooms for that proper look!

I then gave everything a coat of matt varnish.

The final stage which is my personal favourite part (NOT!) is the basing! It always seems to me that basing takes up far longer than any other part of the painting process! I know this is not true …. it just sems that way!

Bases were firstly given a coat of pva glue and dipped in sand.

Once dry I paint the whole base with my own dark earth mix. When I first moved from using enamel paints to acrylics I missed the old Airfix Enamel Dark Earth brown so I did my best using various cheap acrylic paints to mix up a batch, which is in effect a darker less yellow Graveyard Earth. (This was so long ago that Citadel paints hadn’t been invented!).

The sand surface was  highlighted with a cheap cream paint and the sides of the bases given a coat of graveyard earth.

Static grass was added to complete the look. I always try to apply an odd number of grass tufts/areas, i.e. 1, 3, 5, etc, as this looks more realistic than even numbers, but will add the occasional even number if there are a good few bases to do.

So that is this unit complete.

I still have a half complete unit of wolf riders ( visible in the background on 1 of the photos at the start of the project),  Spider riders and troll to do, but rather than getting bored painting similar things for the next part I will move to another selection of Old Skool minis, maybe something from even further back in time!

Not the most productive week

Tutoring 12
Skill 11
Idea 9

Well between the hazards of  working, bad weather and a general lack of motivation its not been the most productive week! However I have managed to add a few more touches to the Gobbos.

I had originally missed the skulls on the standard and mace head from command figures. These were given a coat of Graveyard Earth. I still have plenty of this having found a box of 5 new pots in a job lot of minis I brought from Ebay! Sorry its not for sale! LOL!

I had also missed the horns on the Shamans hood so these were done with a mix of doombull brown and a generic yellow ochre

I then washed the skin with orc flesh wash.

Spear shafts, boots and belt pouches were given a coat of raw doombull brown.

A blob of scarlet for the eyes on the gobbos and the shield moon design was followed by a highlight of Goblin Green and Golden Yellow to the skin.

By preference I usually only paint in eyes on character or officer figures but as the eyes are so large visible on these Goblins it was unavoidable in this case.

I then mixed Golden Yellow with Yellow Ochre 70/30% for the moon designs and trinkets.

The final task this week was applying a second coat of scarlet/doombull brown to the shield rims. I use a wet palette for mixing, absolutely essential if you mix your own colours, so was fortunate to still have the original basecoat mix to which I just added more scarlet to create a mid tone.

And so it begins .....

Tutoring 15
Skill 16
Idea 15
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As it says in the title it begins! I have never attempted a project before so bare with me! I have a rather large lead/plastic mountain of shame (pride?) that goes back over… hummmm … years! (I don’t even want to think about it!) So as we are once again in lockdown, although I still do have to work, I thought that it was time to do some painting. Well before Xmas I had actually prepared a load of GW Night Goblins from the Battle for Skull Pass, for my 15 yr old Godson to paint on one of his stop over weekends, but this was cancelled due to the second mini lockdown. Feeling a bit fed up I then started the first couple of units. It was only on completion of these 2 units that I realized I should have started a project … So here it is!

Firstly … here are the completed units


I have now started the 3rd unit, another unit of spear goblins. To make things easy following a quick mould line clean up I sprayed the minis with Halfords Black Primer

And so it begins .....

Following on from the spray it was just a matter of brushing on black paint into the recesses that the spray hadn’t penetrated.

And so it begins .....

A quick dry brush with dark grey all over and voila!. I generally mix my own colours, I have many different paints from a range of manufacturers and being an old timer couldn’t give an exact formula! I just added ceramite white to the generic WH Smiths black until it looked right!

As these are just being done to my wargames standard I don’t often do 3 stage painting, except for flesh or yellows and reds, so just the single coat of dark grey!

And so it begins .....

On to the basecoats. For the basecoats I used the following

Tin Bitz for the metal. As these are Gobbo’s I like a nice rusty/dirty look and tin bitz is ideal for this.

Doombull Brown + black for spearshafts, backs of shields where visible and pouches.

Tausept Ochre for the shield “evil moon”.

A generic scarlet +Doombull Brown for the shield rim and tops of mushrooms.

And finally the infamous Goblin Green for the skin.


And so it begins .....

So here they are with base coats applied

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