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Back to the Grim Dark…..

Back to the Grim Dark…..

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About the Project

After what feels years of not painting 40k for me here I am back to it!

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Back to it!

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Well let’s be honnest…. Warhammer 40k is probably the game I played the most (but not the one I went the further away to play πŸ˜› ) so as some of my local finaly dive back into it I wanted to show them that I was also interested into going back to the grim dark, therefor I decided that I shall finish at last having 2000 points of orks, all of it PAINTED. So it will start with:

  • 30 60Β  61 Gretchins
  • 1 Killa Kan’t

And it might have sparked back another old dream of mine…. more to come later πŸ˜‰


Also… I always fancied myself of a Cadian… but damn I don’t even have 500 pts at the ready! This has to change… so I have 3 squads and one command squad at the ready, if I throw in two more squads and one squad of Kasrkin that should do it, might do some other stuff so I can get some alternatives and a slow 1000 points build.

  • 20 Infantry
  • 10 Kasrkin


Space Wolves are lacking basic troups… So got 3 Blood claws to finish my first squad of Blood Claws for starters. Then a second squad of Grey Hunter is required and another full squad of Blood Claws. I think having two of each basic troops would make for a solid base.

  • 10 Grey Hunters
  • 18 Blood Claws


Here comes the Grots!

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Priviet Komrad!

Here is my first 30Β  31 Gretchins for my Ork Army Extention.

So you can see the Glorious Grotbadchef and his troup of Revolutionarian Gretchin ready to go on the field of honnor!

Colour guide found below.

I did one with the contrast paint ork skin, didn’t like it so went back to the regular, was it that bad? not really and if I had to get 100 orks on the table top quickly I would use it, but do I prefer it? Nope

Here comes the Grots!
Here comes the Grots!
Lloyd shot! or what the ennemy will see most of the timeLloyd shot! or what the ennemy will see most of the time

Soviet Gretchins:

Uniform and coat: VMC Khaki Grey 880 base coat

collar and belts + helmet straps: VMC Tan Earth 874

rifle wood: WMC Beige Brown

helmet: VMC Russian Green

AP Strong Tone Wash over all (not the flesh please but the helmet straps)

Skin: Biel Tan shade

mouth in Contrast flesh eaters red

helmet: VMC Russian Green drybrush highlight

Skin GW Warboss green highlight

Skin GW Skarsnick green highlight

Uniform and coat: VMC Khaki Grey highlight

belts and collar: VMC Tan Earth highlight 874

Uniform and coat: 70/30 mix of VMC Khaki Grey/VMC Pale Sand

Metal area (gun) + helmet star: GW abadon black

Gun + belt buckle: GW leadbelcher

coat buttons: GW Brass scorpio

gun: Nuln oil wash

Gun: GW leadbelcher touches

star and eyes : Vallejo Flat red 957

fangs and claws: GW Zandri dust

Fangs: GW agrax earthshade

fangs and claws ushabi bone


Mig Dark Mud Ground 21 04

Flat earth 983 drybrush

static grass

Warboss green rim