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Spring Cleaning Challenge: Malifaux Neverborn

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Malifaux Neverborn

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About the Project

It is time for me to sort out my hoard of miniatures which I have collected, and start to assemble and paint to finally be able to get a game of Malifaux in. I am using the Spring Cleaning Challenge to get my hoarded miniatures tabletop ready! :) Wish me luck!

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Constantly-Expanding Neverborn Miniatures!

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Skill 14
Idea 15
Constantly-Expanding Neverborn Miniatures!

It’s funny, my goals for the Spring Cleaning Challenge were simple at the start. Finish your core box… well! It seems the deeper I get into Malifaux, the more miniatures I want. As I am building a crew that I feel suits me… and plus… they all look so darn cool.

Constantly-Expanding Neverborn Miniatures!

I have been putting off assembling a little bit because Malifaux miniatures had me dropping bits every two seconds as each individual piece was so small.

Well you wouldn’t believe it! I think these miniatures were the easiest thing I have assembled. Had a look over the pieces beforehand and they all fit together perfectly. Slot in quite nicely. And I didn’t even need the assembly instructions! I still looked though cause I was sure I was going to do something wrong. As much common sense as there was there.

The Bear-ly Together miniatures are variants of the Stitched Together miniatures. The original contains three different Oogie-Boogie looking miniatures and I always wanted to incorporate them into my crew, but I wasn’t convinced by the way they look. Yes – I know, all about those aesthetics.

Constantly-Expanding Neverborn Miniatures!

I based them on the usual Scale 75 Light Grey Primer, and had a think to how I want to paint them. As much as they look great on the box, I wanted to do something completely different, to make them look both adorable and psychotic at the same time.

Spraying them was a little hard outside as they are spherical. They liked to have a little roll around. So my hand is a fantastic colour of light grey to stop their pesky movements.

Constantly-Expanding Neverborn Miniatures!

Y’all know me. I love myself a pastel colour. And you all had me in absolute intrigue last week considering a lot of you do not mix your paints. I took all my different purples. and I plan on mixing them in different variations to get the correct shading and shadowing. The little guy on the right-hand side will be a pastel purple. I will attempt to do the other bears in a pastel yellow, blue, green, orange, pink and lilac.

I will show you how I mix my colours to achieve different variations. But I do warn you, I certainly will not be telling you how much part white vs part base colour it will be. I work out my colours by eye, and compare.

I am looking forward to inviting ya’ll to the chaos.

Painting Up Some Bases!

Tutoring 20
Skill 21
Idea 21

I was really in the mood to paint a landscape, and I didn’t want to invest my time into a giant canvas of watercolour! So I took the time to paint a few bases so my miniatures have homes for when they are all painted up.

Painting Up Some Bases!

As I am following my woodland/swamp/fae theme with my Malifaux minis: having the Zoraida & Titania Core Boxes. I was really looking for a nice woodland base to set the theme.

I bought these fantastic bases on Etsy. I really do enjoy Etsy for bits an pieces I can never find anywhere else. These were from a shop called Realm Shapers here in the UK. They sell loads of 3D painted resin models, such as bases, scatter terrain, miniatures – you name it! And there really is a bit of everything on there. I was surprised of all the different potential tabletop goodies.

I primed the above with my regular Scale 75 light grey primer spray, and I was good to get stuck in with the paint.

Painting Up Some Bases!

I will be honest with you, I constantly mix my paints. I certainly used all of the above but mixed them in several different ways to get to where I wanted my tree. Plus, I wanted to achieve different variants with brown and green that blended well without harsh lines. So in one way shape or form, I used these variations of brown within the tree.

Painting Up Some Bases!

After switching paint brushes about eight times, adding black into lighter colours, white into darker colours, I eventually get to a mossy tree fits into my theme.

Still not ready to put down those watercolour techniques. I found myself flicking the bristles on the brush to encourage different colours on the grass stopping it from being 2-dimentional and flat.

I actually really enjoyed painting the base, it very much quenched the thirst that I had for painting a landscape. But instead, I just incorporated one.

I now understand how much of a slippery slope is. I am already looking at woodland scatter terrain, and really do think I would have a great time painting it… Just thinking about those giant mushrooms we saw on XLBS last weekend… Haven’t even completed painting my crew yet! One tiny project at a time.

That is 1/4 bases, guess I will be alternating between miniature then base to mix things up a little and keep it all varied.


Assembly, priming and painting!

Tutoring 27
Skill 32
Idea 28

Assembly was an interesting task to say the least. When all ya’ll out there told me that the Malifaux miniatures were finicky… YOU WERE NOT LYING!

When I started Waldgeist 3, I looked at the assembly instructions and thought I would start with the easiest of the three (the one that had the least amount of pieces to put together!).

Assembly, priming and painting!

Waldgiest 3 went together quite nicely, and honestly, I didn’t get on too well with the glue that I had. I was using The Army Painter glue, but I found that it took ages to dry and strung off everywhere! So if anybody has any glue recommendations – please do let me know! 🙂

By the time I got to Waldgiest 1… I realised how small the plastic pieces really were. And I knew that this was not going to be the only time I had this thought.

I lost several pieces, then found them again, and at one point I shouted at the top of my voice, “Where the f**k did his arm go this time?!”.

Assembly did take me some time, but I anticipate that the more I practice, the easier this is going to get. Halfway through, I did however remember that Justin gave me a trick that when things are too tiny, to utilize some tweezers. So once I remembered that – it was a lot simpler.

I have got tiny hands, so I can imagine how difficult this must be for the likes of a giant like Gerry!

Assembly, priming and painting!

Priming I’d say was the least challenging part for me so far. I got myself some Scale 75 Grey Primer and made sure that held it back far enough to make sure that I wasn’t destroying any detail by putting too much on it. Got it quite even I think, and decided to prime 2/3 of the Waldgiests.


Assembly, priming and painting!

Coming into miniature painting, I wanted to use everything I have learned with Watercolours and add some techniques to a newer blank canvas.

Today instead of Sunday Chilling Board Games, it was time for me to wield the paintbrush and get stuck into one of the Waldgeists.

What I do know from watercolour painting, was that you would always start light colours to avoid ruining your canvas, and gradually add in the darker ones. So, I took Beastly Brown from the Army Painter and mixed it with some Matte White.

Looking at paints can be quite intimidating as there are loads that you can choose from, but as I quite like to mix my colours to achieve a nice gradual effect, I wanted to build up from where I was starting. This gave my mini a nice light brown base, for me to build on.

I eventually started to darken areas adding less and less white to the mix. So areas such as under his legs, through several parts of the branches and areas that protruded needed a lil highlighting.

I noticed the little mushroom bumps on his arm and above his head, so I used a Scale 75 Amethyst Alchemy, which is like an opalescent purple, and added little white dots to make them look toadstool-like! What a surprise… I used lilac somewhere.

I also added this colour to the eyes, along with a Lilac from Citadel Dry around the edge to make them pop a lil.

I did not completely ditch my watercolour ways, and used some of my watercolours as a wash! So I picked one of my deeper browns as a wash to help bring out the detail. Along with a dark green to add just below the eyes and on the feet to make it look mossy.

I also wanted to add a bit of life – as it is a tree – I used some model moss that I bought off of Amazon Prime cut up and stuck it on the branches.


Assembly, priming and painting!

Strangely enough, I still feel like I painted this mini in a watercolour style! The flash on my camera makes his left eye look a little bright, but hopefully, you like what I have done! Looking forward to get stuck into the next of the Waldgiests. 🙂

Step One: Deciding What Mini to Choose First!

Tutoring 22
Skill 17
Idea 28

Choosing a Crew in Malifaux was easy for me! There seems to be a bit for everybody when it comes to Malifaux. Although I was drawn to the Arcanists, the Neverborn really did catch my eye.

So over the time I have been ogling at Malifaux minis, I got myself clued up on the lore by reading the Neverborn Faction book.

Originally, I purchased the Titania Core box to start my Malifaux adventures in, and started to look at different ways I could build a crew! After seeking lots of advice from what I call my Malifaux Yoda, I was starting to gauge how I could build a crew (not just go by who looks so fecking cool – but… that still has a factor!).

What I wanted to pair Titania with was the Waldgeists.

Now when I first started to dip my toes through the breach, these lil tree guys were impossible to get my mitts on! As they were 2E minis, and they were all currently being reworked for 3E.

And what did I do, the second the Zoirida Core Box went on pre-order, that puppy was mine and I could finally start to build!

Included in this Core Box, you get your Bad Juju, Zoraida, Voodoo Doll & x3 Waldgeists. Can you guess which ones I was desperate to get cracking on first?

You’d guessed it, the Waldgeists. What fascinates me about these miniatures is that when you see pictures – or even when they are painted up – they never look as tiny as they do when they are in your hands!

So taking advice from a fellow hobbyist, to prepare myself for full fantasy paintwork, I decided to put the Lord of the Rings Return of the King Extended Edition on (again… for the millionth time this year), to gain some inspiration from my favourite Ent, Treebeard.

I cut my Waldgeists out with a pair of side cutters which I got from The Army Painter Hobby Tool Kit, enjoyed Middle Earth and prepared all the individual parts ready for a file-down!

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