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The Spring Clean “Putting The OTTer Pup To Work” Project

The Spring Clean “Putting The OTTer Pup To Work” Project

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About the Project

After recently discussing the number of unpainted models I have on a few forums, I decided now is the time for my son to get involved in working through some of it. He loves to sit and watch me paint, and did a little kids Easter bunny thing last time I painted and was fascinated. The issues are: he’s only 4. Much earlier than I would have gotten him started, but I have a possible perfect solution. Impact Mini’s Chibis. I backed a Kickstarter long ago (2014?) and never did anything with them aside from organising them away into storage. They are big and chunky, and easier to get some colours on. So I’ve shown him some and he’s excited beyond belief, I guess we are going ahead with it. (Positive being, I can get my numbers down and quality finish is less important as they’re not done by me!). So there it is. Fun family activity, Backlog Diminishing - Spring Clean all around!

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Step three: A Layer and a second Wolf.

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 9
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So, we got another little painting session in. Nice with these quick ten to fifteen minute sit downs.
a bit of talking about the How and Why (he probably won’t remember much each time, but he likes sitting and listening to it 😊 )

I got out a second little wolf, with the same brown coated over to start with. While this one dried we went back to the first with a lighter brown, XV-88, to put on a first layer. It’s quite thick on some bits and very sparse on others, but overall it kind of looks like a varied amount of fur so is fine! Second Wolf got the same treatment with different patches across it, so there’ll certainly be some variance.
Next up will be a brown wash to tie them in together and darken it down a bit. So we shall see how that goes and then go for maybe claws or something after.
He already has ideas on the next one, being white! So we shall have to come up with a plan for him for that..


Stay tuned..

Step Two: First Paint on the model

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 12
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Ok! We sat for a little bit and got the first colour on.
He chose brown (thank god not blue or some weird colour) and I said to try and get the whole models fur like on a real dog.
It has a few black bits in the deepest recesses where he hasn’t pushed in far enough etc, but it almost looks like it’s left for shadow.
A lighter brown over the top would have a good multi brown effect perhaps which is next to try!

Step One. Organizing and getting prepped to start.

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 11
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So it begins.
It’ll be an interesting project for sure!

I decided he’d be best starting with the wolves as it’ll be less colours and lines to stay within, before moving on to attempting characters etc.

Although once I got them out, they did appear a lot smaller than the other figures, almost the whole head of another mini.
Still, an easier place to start I think, we shall see how a bit of painting goes over the weekend while the wife can entertain the baby.

Im going to spend today getting them ready, tabs removed etc and sprayed so he can begin!

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