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Road to Lasting Tales from Blacklist Miniatures

Road to Lasting Tales from Blacklist Miniatures

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Project Blog by Jonessam007 Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

For a year now I've been thinking about which project I would like to start and show here on OTT. 90% of my hobby is painting miniatures. I spent many years painting and collecting GW miniatures. Unfortunately, I never played with them, because no of my friends has the same hobby. When Warhammer Fantasy died, I lost interest in the products from GW. So I came across the Kickstarter scene for miniatures and board games and bought a few games to get cheap and beautiful miniatures. When Blacklist Miniatures launched the second Kickstarter for the Fantasy Miniature Series, the idea was born. Since a set of rules for the miniatures is to be published now, this is a good time to play a game too. The project will run for several years and also include the other Kickstarter of the Fantasy Series by Blacklist Miniatures. Every week there will be some kind of challenge. The goal is given at the beginning of the week. I bet with my best friend every week if I will reach the goal of the week. If yes there is a point for me, if no a point for my friend. All miniatures get new bases. Some miniatures will be given a base design for a game in a frozen city.

This Project is Active

Week 4 - Result

Tutoring 1
Skill 1
Idea 1
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No miniatures finished this week.



SAM: 1

Week 4 - The Bar Keeper and a few uninvited flying guests

Tutoring 1
Skill 1
Idea 1
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Week 4

26.04.201 – 02.05.2021

5 Imps

1 Human Bar Keeper


Week 3 Result

Tutoring 0
Skill 0
Idea 0
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I finished all six miniatures, so


SAM: 0


The mummies are not the most difficult figure to paint in this box. A very simple color scheme was chosen here.

Screaming Skull for the basic colour and than washed with Stronge Tone and grren tone from Army painter. Then dry bruished with Screaming Skull and a little bit of Dead White.

Two other mummies has the basic colour Hemp Rope with Dark Tone wash, dry bruished with Hemp Rope and Screaming Skull mix.

The parts were the mummies have no scraps of cloth, I use Undead flesh  with Dark Tone.

The Dragon Warrior is a very nice miniature. I used Mayhem Red and than an Mix of Meyhem Red and Trollslayer Orange and Dark Tone Wash for the skin.

Screaming Skull and Dead White with Stronge Tone Wash for the horns. Leadbelcher and Heavy Metal for the armour. Merm Green for the shield.

Week 3 - 5 Mummies and a Dragon Warior

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Week 3

19.04.201 – 25.04.2021

5 Mummies

1 Male Dragonskin Warior

Week 2 Result

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5
No Comments

It is 21.30 on a Sunday evening. I finished all six miniatures for this week.

I decided this week to give all of the constracts a slightly 
different colour scheme. The miniatures primed with matt surface
primer from green stuff world.For four of the constracts, 
Leadbelcher was used as the base color and then a dark tone wash 
over it. Then I use Riff Green, Dark Prussian Blue, Cooper and 
Mayhem Red.For the last miniature I started with haselnut copper 
and a stronge tone wash. Then a give the constract a dry brush 
treatment with glorious gold and than I use green stuff world 
dust liquid pigments - light green dust two times to give the 
mini a old rusty style.
The bases- two bases are for miniatures used in frost grave. Ice 
and snow and stone side way with ground, grass and snow.
The three other bases with ground, wood and side way.

The dwarf wizard 

Colours: Purple Hex, Dead White, Witch Purple, Dark Prussian Blue, Leather Brown, Beasty Brown, Kobold Skin and Castle Grey.

I give the wizard a fire ball made out of green stuff to give the pose more power.


SAM : 0

Week 2 The Wizard and the Robots

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6
No Comments

This week I will try to pain 5 constructs and one male dwarf wizard.

Let´s go.

Working on bases

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
No Comments
Saturday evening - I prepared some bases while watching TV. 
Products from Green Stuff World were used for this. I prefer 
bases with a lip to give the miniatures a nicer look and a clear 
finish between the edge and the base design.Some bases made of 
green stuff  are cut to size and partially covered with  bird sand /
forest ground (hobby material) and small stones.

Week 1 Result

Tutoring 8
Skill 9
Idea 8
No Comments

The first week is over and I´m finished the first six minitiares. But it was close. The ranger was finished on sunday afternoon.

All miniatures primed with Matt Surface Primer from Green Stuff World. The next step is to dry bruish alle minis with dead whit from Vallejo.

For the goblins: Goblin Green (GW)  Leadbelcher, Baneblade Brown, Leather brown, Beasty brown, (Vallejo), Bosh Chestnut (F&G Scale 75.

For the Orc: Leadbelcher (GW), Leather brown, Beastry brown, German Fieldgrey (Vallejo), Riff Green (F&G Scake 75)

Washes: all from Army Painter Strong tone, Dark tone, Green tone.

Bases  – Gamers Grass


SAM: 0

Week 1 - One ranger and some evil goblins

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 9
No Comments

Week 1 – 05.04.2021 to 11.04.2021

Goal: 1 Hero and 5 enemy miniatures

1 Male Half -Orc Ranger

5 Goblins

This week I start this project. with 6 miniature to paint.



First look what is in the box

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 9
No Comments

Sooo many miniatures.

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