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A Core Space Crew For Stargrave

A Core Space Crew For Stargrave

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About the Project

Stargrave is about to be released and this has given me the opportunity to do two projects at once, build a crew and get my miniatures painted for Core Space.

This Project is Active

Week 4

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Week 4

My use for the Purge for the unwanted attention table. Im pretty sure I’ll probably need more than what I have, especially the Devastators. I know the Purge Expansion is available to buy which would double what I have here apart from the Collectors which is only available as part of another expansion. I’ll wait until I’ve got a few games under my belt first before I make any decisions.

Treva - Chiseler Treva - Chiseler

He’s from the Shootout at Zed’s expansion and as a chiseler he’ll have a +6 at “unlocking” physical loot boxes.  Probably more useful than having either 2 runners or 2 recruits.


With that I’m going to take a break from painting Core Space for now and move over to a few other projects I’ve got going on. I’ve certainly not finished as I’d at least like to get the rest of the Core Space models I have painted, to be used in either game. Then there are the many alien creatures to source and paint., then possibly a second crew, then….

Week 3

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Purge HarvestersPurge Harvesters
Purge Devastators Purge Devastators

Unwanted Attention

Painting these purge seems quite similar to painting skeletons. I went with the colour scheme from the Core Space art.

There are two different tables in Stargrave for random npc’s which can turn up during a game and attack the players. So far I haven’t given much thought to the creature table but there is an unwanted attention table with which pirates and other such types can show up due to all of the noise the crews will be making as they fight over the scenario.

For this I’ll use the Purge miniatures.

The Purge Harvesters will be Pirate Troopers, and the Purge Devastators will be Pirate Shock Troopers.

The rest will follow as shown in the table below.

Week 3

Bases Repainted

Week 3

I wasn’t happy with the black washes on the bases. I intended that the floor would be dirty and industrial. I preprinted them with a smooth coat of grey which I think is much neater and doesn’t distract from the miniature.

Next week

Week 3

Gerry mentioned my lack of a Chiseler in my starting crew and he has a point. With a 6+ to unlocking physical loot it’s a distinct advantage. I had a look through my remaining Core Space models and found Treva from the Shootout at Zed’s expansion. He’s carrying a large tool or wrench of some sort and a case of tools, perfect.

The other models are the single Purge assassin I’ll be using as a bounty Hunter and the Purge Gatherer’s from the Purge Outbreak expansion which I’ll be using as ruffians.


Oh and a big thanks for the Golden Button which was a nice surprise –

Week 2

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My Starting Crew is FinishedMy Starting Crew is Finished

That’s all 10 of my starting crew finished. Next up I’ll start painting the Purge, then I’ll go back and finish the rest of the models in the main Core Space boxed set so I can play Core Space fully painted.

The CrewThe Crew
Week 2

My Book Came

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9 Days early before the official launch 9 Days early before the official launch

I can start to work on my Crew properly now

My Book Came

My Captain and his First Mate.

I’ve worked out the crew as well but I want to get more miniatures painted before post the roster.

It looks like I can use the Purge models for the pirates as I have enough different types. I guess I’ll be painting those models as well.

Week 1

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Arianna, Beck & TirgardeArianna, Beck & Tirgarde

Three more models painted. From left to right we have Arianna (recruit), Beck (recruit) and Tirgarde (First Mate). The names are those from Core Space and the titles in brackets are those from Stargrave (provisionally until I get the rulebook).

The details on these models aren’t as crisp as wargaming miniatures but I find the miniatures look great once painted up. I’m looking forward to using them with Core Space as well as Stargrave.

I did find that they are a bit of a sod to remove the mould line from as they are made from a softer plastic. Scraping won’t work very well, you have to slice with a sharp knife otherwise there are loads of jagged edges and loose bits.

First Miniature Painted

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For me he’s painted up quite well. These models a just a little smaller than I’m used to so some of the details are quite small.
I’m in two minds about the basing. For now I’ve gone with an oily blue grey to match the gaming surface. Maybe later when I’m feeling brave I’ll rebase the models to transparent acrylic bases.
For now I’ll clean up the others, undercoat them and start to paint them.

Initial Planning

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Stargrave will be released at the end of April and I’ve been thinking of what models to use for it as it’s a miniature agnostic game. I’ve been playing and collecting models for Frostgrave for around a year and I’ve bought quite a lot of models for it, but for Stargrave I want to try a different approach and use what I already have.


Core Space Miniatures Core Space Miniatures

Last year I picked up the excellent Core Space from Battle Systems, along with several supplements. I also went all in with their recent Core Space First Born Kickstarter

That meant I already have a fair few suitable models to form my Stargrave Crew, with a lot more coming later in the year with the Kickstarter. I can even use the Purge models as pirates and raiders for Stargrave.

But, how do I prepare a crew if Stargrave isn’t out yet. Good news, they released a small Crew Creation pdf preview from the rulebook.

My CrewMy Crew

Reading through this pdf I selected 10 miniatures to form my initial crew. This may change when I get the actual book and I understand more of what the different soldier classes mean and how their equipment works but it’s a start.

The Captain UndercoatedThe Captain Undercoated

I chose the model of Roykirk for my Captain as he looks older and more experienced. I’m going to paint him first and on his own to see how easier or difficult it is to work with these miniatures. As you can see I’ve already cleaned him up and undercoated him.


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