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On to Richmond/Washington select your favourite option

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ACW has been one of those periods I always wanted to game but never did. I have phaffed around the edges, brought some old Dixon figures years ago to do 28 mm skirmish and recently painted up both Rebs and Union for Wild West Exodus. Decided the release of Warlords Epic scale was the push I needee,

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Quick apology

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Apologies for anyone waiting on this battle report, the whole game has been delayed , most of my spare time recently been taken up by irritating minor health issues, organising a Victory at Sea demo at Asgard Games using my collection GHQ ships , Quickly finishing Stargrave figures to play some actual games with people again at Asgard   and via that falling down the hole that is Infinity. I am hoping to have a go at this game at the end of August!

Table layout Revised/Initial Deployment.