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Dust Warfare HARV

Dust Warfare HARV

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Project Blog by mischief Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

One last thing my Armoured Infantry Platoon needed was the Support Section 2 item, Which is a recovery vehicle. Now my love of the Type Seven walkers means I wanted one as my ARV. Mainly because, It'd have to be able to tow the Fireball I have in the force, or my kitbashed Bulldog.

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The Heavy Armoured Recovery Vehicle

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It’s been kitbashed waiting for paint for so long now, but with my trying to clear out some of my old Work In Progress stuff, I figured I should get her done too.
Silly me Primed her Black, only to make her Grey again.

HARV PrimedHARV Primed

After the Grey, I did the base Green layer.

Base GreenBase Green

Now I started with the shade colour, and then moved onto the highlight layers..

It was 1am by this time, but I did the hydraulic lines and metal stuff, and then hit it with the varnish.


Decals and Crew

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Decalled up.Decalled up.

Added a few bits of stowage.

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With the dude on the other side of the HARV looking out of place holding nothing, I gave him a weapon, and then I thought, what if he was getting weapons out for the whole crew(except for that guy at the front, who has his already), maybe to defend the walker from a direct assault?

I really need to do the weathering, but as it’s a winter in Zverograd themed force, the white wash is going to ruin the nice modulation I’ve done.

Trying to finish it off.

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The HARV just needed weathering, and so I started with my usual white washing(my army is winter themed), which because I’m lazy I did with the airbrush, which made it all far too uniform.

Airbrushed white wash yuckAirbrushed white wash yuck

I did two layers like that, which of course ruined the the nice modulation. Then I just did more with a paint brush, which still looks pants.


Then I did the messy pigment work.

Pigments leftPigments left
Piments rightPiments right

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