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Macrocosm Digger Corps

Macrocosm Digger Corps

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About the Project

Starting to paint the first Kickstarter project that I backed.

This Project is Completed


Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 10
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I am going to paint these diggers as a intergalactic  peace keeping force so have been look at picture of UN soldiers for inspiration. Going for some bright blues for the helmets and the flak jackets and shoulder pads.

Grey primerGrey primer
White primer from aboveWhite primer from above
Fyreslayer flesh on the facesFyreslayer flesh on the faces


Tutoring 10
Skill 10
Idea 10
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Flak jacket and helmets painted electric blue then washed with blue tone. Then highlighted with the electric blue followed with a further highlight of a mix of electric blue / wolf grey (50/50).


fatigues, boots and gloves and beards

Tutoring 11
Skill 11
Idea 11
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Heavy grey on fatiguesHeavy grey on fatigues
Leather brown on boots, gloves and pouch'sLeather brown on boots, gloves and pouch's
Beards desert yellow, filthy brown and charred brownBeards desert yellow, filthy brown and charred brown

wash and first three highlighted

Tutoring 12
Skill 12
Idea 12
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Strong tone wash and black templar on weaponsStrong tone wash and black templar on weapons
On the visors thin lines of bronze flesh, bronze flesh/bone white (50/50),bone white and white from top to bottom.On the visors thin lines of bronze flesh, bronze flesh/bone white (50/50),bone white and white from top to bottom.
Then a glaze of Iyanden yellow.Then a glaze of Iyanden yellow.

The high lights were done next. The fatigue’s had a 50/50 mix heavy grey/ dead flesh. The leather parts had a 50/50 mix leather brown / desert yellow. The shoulder pads had a apothecary white coat  then highlights of white ink. The weapons had a dry brush of stone wall grey then a wash of nuln oil.

Going with the UN theme I used the runes from the image below to put the marking on the shoulder pads.


All the rest up to the same point

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
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All at the same pointAll at the same point

Finally got all the diggers up to the same point. Starting the basing plague brown first. Going for a desert look on these models.

Starting basesStarting bases

Bases finished

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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Bases finished

Bases were dry brushed bone white and then washed with light tone. Then dry brushed with desert yellow. then some tuffs of dry green and red static grass. Followed with black rims.

Bases finished


Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8
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All varnished All varnished
The LloydThe Lloyd