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Borris and friends

Borris and friends

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About the Project

After watching the play throughs of this, I backed the arising kickstarter but couldnt wait an grabbed a few miniatures off their store.

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Despite saying I would wait for the kickstarter to arrive, i’ve given in and got some more.

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Having just watched the XLBS I thought I would put something in about the basing, much as I would like to claim I sculpted all the leaf’s and shrooms on the bases they are bought from here:
30mm Woodland Round Lip Bases (

The priestess I couldnt use those bases on as they wouldnt really fit with her tree, I’ve ordered a couple of plates from here to see what they are like:

BASIUS & BASIUS MAX – The custom sculpture miniature basing system – DirectBasius

I’ll update this once I’ve given them a go.

Mostly Done

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Mostly Done

So these are mostly done now and I’ve put them on scenic bases apart from the priestess as I couldn’t workout how to integrate her tree with the base so I filled it in with green stuff and tried so sculpt it. Once that has set and is painted I’ll find out if that worked.

If your wondering about the murder bunnies, my sister always had dutch rabbits and one of them could have come from borris, so in honour of him i’ve made them all dutch rabbits.

In the beginning

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This is Borris after an evening with contrast paints over wraithboneThis is Borris after an evening with contrast paints over wraithbone

These are the Malachite Mysticsm, Gwendoline is pretty much done but the other are still a work in progress.

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