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Kings of War: Ogres

Kings of War: Ogres

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Project Blog by ninjilly Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

A new KoW army for 3rd edition, started in August 2021 and with a provisional deadline of 22nd October 2021

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Prelude: Mustering Models and Deadlines

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After the year that was, I’m trying to push my comfort levels and look towards a future of actually playing games with more than the three or four people I normally go between. Central Scotland has a really active wargaming community, Edinburgh alone has three clubs on three different nights and supporting various games, genres and scales. One of the games that I know I want to play is Kings of War.

I built and (mostly) painted a dwarf army during second edition but only managed a couple of games. I didn’t make the effort I should have to get in games, lost enthusiasm and at some point I sold on the dwarves. Now that 3rd edition Kings of War launched, I made a soft promise to start a new army and try to get involved in the local community. I’d get to it soon, I just need a little push, right?

Then one of the main hubs for KoW here announced a one day event for late October… Bugger.

Prelude: Mustering Models and Deadlines

Back in February I pre-ordered the Jesse Cornwell commemorative Ogre Warlock. It seemed as good a place as any to start a new army. Unfortunately at the moment, my salary is supporting more people than any low level local government pay is designed for and so anything that was going to be bought had to be second hand and piecemeal.

So far I’ve managed to get the original KS Ogre army box and a giant both for about half price. I’ve not picked up the new edition rules yet so I’m largely working off the old points costs etc. I also have a few Trollkin minis from Warmahordes but I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be a little small in comparison.

Prelude: Mustering Models and Deadlines

Not a 2000 point army by any stretch but a good start. Pushing the half done projects off the paint table I sat down last night to start putting them together. Everyone will be getting solo based for painting before being multibased. I’d forgotten what an experience it is working with original Mantic plastics, and sadly I’m too fussy about mold lines to just glue and prime away.

Next up will be some priming and a test model for the skin tone.

Bags of possibility Bags of possibility

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