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Clash of Spears – third servile war

Clash of Spears – third servile war

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About the Project

I always wanted to a roman army of late republican roman legionaries. I finally set with the excellent forged in battle miniatures and decided to build up a gladiator/slave army as a secomd force to theme the project around the third servile war.

This Project is Active

2nd batch of rebels and romans

Tutoring 6
Skill 7
Idea 7
The warbands are growingThe warbands are growing

Done with a few more models. I painted 12 more slaves with improvised weapons, giving me 16 but I think 12 is a good unit size.

Two more archer and slinger completed myfirst two shooting units and 3 more legionaries my first unit of 7. I know 8 would make more sense but I would need 3 more Legionaries to build them as contuberniae.

Test minis

Tutoring 10
Skill 10
Idea 10
Test minis

The first batch of minis is done and Im quiet happy how they came out comsidering the amount of time I invest.

The armys shall consist of the following once finished.


2 units of 6 slingers

2 units of 7 legionaries

1 unit of 7 veterans


2 units of 6 bowmen

2 units of 12 slaves

2 units of 9 gladiators

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