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Battle against the hobby blues

Battle against the hobby blues

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About the Project

Hobby blues. The feeling you get when you want to do hobby but really can't get your butt up and actually do something. This has been an terrain idea in my head for long but since this is really about getting me back doing hobby it's a literal battle report. Battling the struggle to keep on pushing forward. So please forgive the "wrong" project type.

This Project is On Hold


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At the time of writing I have 10 days of leave left. And I really don’t want to end 3 weeks off work without having done anything!

Recently I got the last issue of the terrain that was in the Warhammer 40.000 conquest magazine. It’s all build and ready to be painted. And I want to use it in many games/environments as possible. That’s why I’m looking for a “degraded weathered” look. Stuff that has been left to the elements for ages.

Here are some examples:

You can see how the top parts are rusted and the sides have streaks but still show original paint. That is roughly the direction I am aiming. Only that I want some more growth on it. A few tufts and such things.

Something more like this.Something more like this.

So what I have to start with is:

  • terrain test piece
  • black primer
  • grey primer
  • white primer
  • two different green tufts.

Of we go!


So I sprayed it black from below, grey from the sides and white from above. This should give the colours some natural gradient.

Next will be “rust” from the side.


And here is where I made my first mistake (I think). Remember when I said, I want the rust from above? Yeah, I sprayed from the sides. But I think I can save this.

Next step: Varnish it so that when I weather the thing no primer comes off.


So here is the varnish on. And I think the rust not being on top will be manageable by simply using the same colour as the primer and sponge it on.

Now all I’ve got to do is:

  • wait for it to dry completly
  • decide what colour the thing had before being left to rott
  • get my ass up again to work on it tomorrow

That’s it for today. Fingers crossed it’ll go better then the last things I’ve started.


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Today was an… interesting day. For one I managed to get the garage “sorted” so that I can use the airbrush again. Sorted, not cleaned up. That’s for another time.

So after who knows how many months just grabbing the brush, firing up the compressor and off you go…. not the best of plans. I had kept the cleaned airbrush in water (like many YouTube painters suggested) but I had not filled up the water… so it evaporated over time. Go me.

So after a bit of cursing and running Airbrush Cleaner through it I was off to the races. I was a novice on this last time and I got worse. Runny paint (because too much thinner, to long sprayed on one spot, impatience etc) and weird overspray. However I’m not giving too much of a flock because it’s going to be a ruin anyway.

So here is the result of today’s trials



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So the airbrush disaster left a bad taste in my mouth. Can’t have that now can we? So I took it out to the shed and shot it dead garage and added some more coats. This time I didn’t add flow improver to the Vallejo Airbrush paint as it is already really runny. At least the yellow is.

I managed to hide most of the horrors of yesterday and the rest will be handled when it come to weathering.


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Yes, nearly a week of doing nothing. Well, not nothing but not on this front. I did somehow managed to get ahead with this project:

Opening the hobby horror closet

And today I even got some silver metallic airbrushed on. Yes, there is overspray. I don’t care, it’ll be looking rotten anyhow 😉


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Same as the Paintathon 2021 this went nowhere. But I won’t cancel this project just yet but put in on hold.

And concentrate on other active projects

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