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Defenders of the Tavern – Kings of War Dwarfs

Defenders of the Tavern – Kings of War Dwarfs

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About the Project

Having just got back into Kings of War after having the 3rd edition book since launch, I decided to repurpose my old Battle for Skull Pass Dwarfs into something a little more functional. I love the multi basing aspect of KOW, but I like to take it that little bit further and consider how all parts make up the whole. As with my Living Graveyard Undead army, I wanted to make an entire, cohesive scene when my army was on display, but I didn’t just want ‘terrain-style’ bases. So, I started to imagine how these stumpy dudes might spend their time socially, and what might happen if an outsider stumbled upon their watering hole one night and I then imagined a recreation of the kind of scene you face when an out-of-towner enters your pub…Everyone looks.

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Kings of War Dwarfs have always been an army I’ve admired from afar, but never fully embraced. With my return to the game after a few years off, I decided to invest some energy into sprucing up and repurposing my Skull Pass models. Inevitably, Skull Pass models wouldn’t be enough to fulfill this idea, but I love them, and they were where I began the process.
Before we get to the dudes however, let’s start with the spitballing of ideas. I wanted my finished Dwarf army to look impressive when it was displayed, and that meant giving the multi-basing some real thought. I could have gone down the mine route, the stone columns and ruins route or even just a piece of nice battlefield terrain to have them on, but those ideas just weren’t speaking to me. I needed a theme, something fairly original, but still Dwarfy…a brewery? A pub? Now we were getting somewhere… Could I make an army look like it was in a tavern? How could I incorpo