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BATTLE of the BULGE…..Mega Project!

BATTLE of the BULGE…..Mega Project!

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About the Project

My Mania for historical gaming has recently spawned a fresh project (somewhat suitably a Winter one for the build up to Christmas!). One of the best known Battles of the Second World War, the Ardennes offensive. My plans are suitably ambitious and I would like to include as much special units, vehicles and scenery as I am able, so that I can stage a GIANT game of Bolt Action with my Mates. This is the first teaser image of what is to come.

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Where to start?

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Where to start?

‘The Ardennes Offensive’, or ‘the Battle of the Bulge’ is one of the stand out battles of the second World War. I wouldn’t describe it as a turning point like Stalingrad, but as a last ditch, desperate gamble which certainly hastened the end due to the squandering of resources by the German’s.

There is a great deal of literature, films and documentaries, often varying greatly in quality. I found the 5 Osprey books that I have read, and the quarter of ‘St Vith’ that I have read particularly helpful. The episodes from the ‘Band of Brothers’ T.V. series has also been really enjoyable.

I now find that I have a reasonable strategic overview, and a familiarity with many of the key characters, units, vehicles and equipment. Many of which stand out as pretty exceptional, for instance, the German’s having all their late War Monster’s on the field, and the Allies having some amazing characters, units and improved armour, much of soon I hope to feature soon.  In general, there are so many options for both sides, ranging in the extreme in terms of quality and abilities.

This is going to be a fantastic project to get my teeth into!