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Project Blog by wolf320f Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

with the arrival of a 3d printer i started to print some very nice busts, why busts? well i cant really answer that, ive never painted one but my do they print well look nice and are shiny sparkly things. Ive previously done stuff for my mum and sister so thought its time for my veteran dad to get a piece done. Hes got a standing figure of a Royal Marine fighting for room in my mothers display cabinet so my search for a companion started. It had to be a Marine as he himself is a Royal Marine Aden veteran, but could i find a good STL to print myself well the simple answer is no. i was forced to sp[end more money on the dreaded Ebay to secure the falkland War royal marine bust. when it came through the post i was pleasantly suprised the resin was good with no bubbles imperfections or marks but truth be told i was more than a little daunted, ive got to paint that now.

This Project is Completed

Royal marine falklands

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Skill 7
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As you can see from the photos I ballsed  it up when I applied the so called Matt varnish, it turned out to be shinier than a chippendales ball bag all my work ruined not happy at all.

Well I learned a new thing

Tutoring 5
Skill 6
Idea 6

Well it was tears and tantrums on my last post with a bust shinier than a shiny thing. The varnish used was a bloody lie and I didn’t have a clue on how to rectify it. It was a mate that told me to airbrush lahmia medium over the bust and that would negate the gloss and put things back to normal.

what a transformation that was, and proved that despite 30 years in the hobby I had still much to learn.

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