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2022 Miniature Log

2022 Miniature Log

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About the Project

So I have piles of shame and mountains of opportunity. Just over 3 years ago I vowed to 'Paint the grey away'. I really sped up my painting output in 2019, nearly doubled it in 2020 and grew that again by 50% in 2021 with over 600 miniatures painted. I've also learned to embrace 'good enough' as it means more painted minis and a lot less bare plastic.

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Hedging Knightly Bets

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I should have been painting the latest Warcry boxed set but these were calling me.

I had to remove the shield arm on most of these because they made them impossible to paint otherwise.

Hedge Knights from A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game are a neutral faction choice so effectly mercenaries for every faction (so no uniforms!). These are poorer knights so their fantasy hearaldry is not too complex and based on late 12 century/early 13th century knights (who had similar armour).


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So it’s summer in Australia at the time of wriiting. That means that my family and I head off to our holiday home by the beach. We have commercial TV but almost no internet signal so we take the opportunity to play board games. Last year we played Massive Darkness. This year we are giving Zombicide Black Plague a red hot go.

I got this game in a Kick Starter in 2015 so it’s well and truely past the painting due date. It took 8 days, for 71 minis. 2022 is off to a good start.

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