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I’ll be working on this stuff forever…

I’ll be working on this stuff forever…

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About the Project

coz I'll be painting Infinity! Accumulated wealth of Corvus Belli Infinity miniatures. Intended for use in Stargrave, Infinity: Defiance and maybe even actual Infinity!

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5 Apr 22: Test...

Tutoring 10
Skill 10
Idea 10

Between Defiance and Operation: Wildfire, I’ve quite a few O12 minis.

I wanted something darker than the studio colour scheme, though this ended up lighter than intended.

The ideas:

  • “Hard” Armour is blue, Fabric is grey, undersuit in metal.
  • Trim in metallics
  • Pouches and belts in black.
  • Shoulders in yellow, squad marking on left shoulder, faction on right.


The blue is lighter than I intended, but actually that’s ok. Overall, the scheme is a bit too flat. The only bright spots are the face and shoulders. The “undersuit”, the texture that can be seen at the back of the lower legs and inside elbows. Doing that in metallic isn’t working for me. Similarly, the trim (runs vertically down the torso to the thighs) in metallic doesn’t really stand out.

18 Apr 22: ...test, test

A second test scheme for the O-12, using the same colour selection as the previous test. This time I’m going

  • Blue for the fabric
  • Black for the armour plates
  • Grey for the trim and the undersuit
  • Khaki for the belts and pouches

The mini had a black prime, followed by a white zenithal highlight. After all the base colours are down, I put a black AP Dark Tone wash over all the armour, guns etc. I avoided hitting the belts/pouches and skin.

19 Apr 22: Better? Better.

I definitely prefer this scheme. Of course I can now see a couple of things I need to tidy up, but I can do that and finish the basing next.
O-12 batch 1: 1/7 complete (pretty much, :-D)