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Malifaux Title Masters

Malifaux Title Masters

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Project Blog by DefectiveDice Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

Wyrd has been releasing new titles for every master in Malifaux. This means that every crew is getting a new model to represent the Master, and at least one other model to go with the keyword. I have a huge Malifaux collection, and as a result I have been buying all of these boxes as they have been released, and they have mostly been going in my pile of shame. Lets see if we can fix that.

This Project is Active

Guns... lots of guns

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3

Ophelia was a fun model to paint. I started by doing her skin with my typical gremlin formula, its basically just GWs formula for Orks. Shes got a pin in her arms which I painted with a muted pink, and then it was just a matter of painting her clothes and all her belts.

The finishing touch was to paint the tips of all the bullets with a metallic paint. I think it adds a lot. Shes a lady who likes guns, and she needs plenty of ammo to fight off the red cage abominations.

The last step was to add a bunch of random vegetation to make it look like she’s in the swamp.

Sly six shots himself is kind of an understated model, so he got a pretty basic paintjob. Next to his is his case of goodies that he peddles, and I think it is the part of the model that will get the most attention.

I started by base coating the wooden parts, and then going over all of the gun barrels and handles. Then I hit the whole thing with a dark brown wash. I probably could have stopped there, but I decided to go back over it all with a bit of a highlight to make some parts stand out.

The I added foliage, the same swamp stuff to some side, and some dry deserty stuff to the other. Overall I was pretty happy with the transition between the two biomes.

Perdita is one of my favorite characters in Malifaux. She’s basically Dominic Toretto if he was Latina and even cooler than he is. This new model is a bit understated compared to most that have come out with Malifaux Burns, but I think that is because it is showing her character growth. She started out as a teenager who was a bit more reckless, and who was kind of sexualized. Now she ought to be in her 30s, and I kind of like the new dignified look, as shes taking on her role as the Matriarch of her family.

It was a pretty simple paint job. One fun bit was the few areas of fur on her outfit. I did those by undercoating in a medium gray, and then doing a pretty heavy drybrush, probably closer to an overbrush, with a lighter gray with a bit of a tan color mixed in to give it a bit of warmth.

I added a few tufts to her base and shes all done.

And the gangs all here. This was a fun box to paint up. I have never been a huge fan of the Gremlins, but Ophelia has really grown on me. I might have to put her on the table some day soon.

As always, if you wanna learn more about either of these characters, check out the lore videos I did on them below, and stay tuned for the next box!

Gunslingers and Gremlin Fangirls

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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The next project is going to be Perdita and her gremlin stalker, Ophelia. They have a common friend called Sly Six Shots who sells them guns.

My Perdita crew is on wasteland bases with some skulls and dry looking plants scattered. They live in a compound south of Malifaux that in a kind of desert-y area called the badlands. My Ophelia crew is based on wooden planks and walkways that are all overgrown and covered in plants since they are from the bayou.

For the shared model, Im going to try to do a transition from badlands to bayou. Thats a thing that really exists in fiction, since they border eachother, but im not sure how itll look on the base.

Also, I already made bases for Ophelia and Sly since I based up her whole crew fairly recently.

I use these cork sheets for so many bases, they are super useful. For ‘Dita, I ripped out an oddly shaped piece, and glued it down to the base. I put sand down around it, and then primed the whole thing after adding a little skull. I painted the sand and rocks with a coffee brown color, and then drybrushed it to the pale sandy color. The skull got his with an off white, and thne washed with a sepia wash. Its an easy way to give it a dirty but bleached look

Finishing Shenlong and Sandeep

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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The wind golem is a big chunky model, and its got a lot of texture to it. I decided to base boat it with a greyish blue to make it look like wind. After that I did 2 layers of drybrushing, up to a pretty bright blue. That gave the model a bit of a dusty look, so I just went in and added some edge highlighting with white. I was pretty pleased with the result.

The rest of the model is a few sections of metal, so I based coated them with a darkish metallic, and then added some nuln oil. I was going to add some highlights, but the art show it all being pretty dull, and I wanted the body to be the part that stood out, so I stopped there.

For Shenlong, I started by doing the flames. The art has them being very orange, so I started by base coating them a pale gray. Then I did 2 coats of yellow so that it had some good coverage. Then I added a few layers of orange highlights.

For the outfit, the art has most of them being orange, but some of them are more of a cream color. I couldn’t make sense of where the orange should stop and the cream should begin, so I decided to just make them all orange. I started with an orange-brown base coat, and then worked up to a brighter orange. The orange paint I have does not cover well, so this took kind of a long time, but I think it came out okay.

It was also tough to do his moustache cuz its super tiny. I had to touch up his face a few times after, but it came out okay I think.

And finally we have Sandeep. He is the one that I am most likely to actually put on the table, so I spent a bit of extra time on him. I started with a medium blue base for all of the magical effect. I then drybrushed it up to almost white. I added some white highlights to it, but I was a little more deliberate about it than what I did on the Golem.

I have always had a hard time painting medium toned skin. It always either comes out looking too black or too white. I decided to try to push the shadows a bit darker on this one, and then bring them up to a brighter highlight, and I think it worked out pretty well.

In the art, his shirt is purple and has a white design across the whole thing. I’m for sure not doing freehand, so I decided to just highlight the shirt normally and try to give it a bit of a shiny look. Im still not great at doing textures, but I think I got it most of the way there.

Finishing Shenlong and Sandeep

I also have videos explaining the lore of all of these characters and I keep forgetting to add them! Here is the episode on Shenlong and Sandeep, and you can find all of the other masters in the same playlist on the channel.

Monks n Elementals

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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Next i’m going to tackle Shenlong, Sandeep, and their shared model the four winds golem. They look like really fun models to paint, so im excited.

For their bases, I did Sandeep and his crew on these premade temple bases from micro art studio. At some point I ran out of ideas for custom bases, and I thought these looked pretty cool.

For Shenlong I made up some bases with bamboo mats. And I hate them. I plan to redo the whole crews bases, but thats a project for another day, so I will crack on for now.

The golem will need a micro arts base, but im going to add on a little big of bamboo mat to make it match both crews.

Sandeep has this special effect that is going to cover most of the base, but some will peek through, so I am still going to use one of the base inserts. I have to cut off some of the textures on the top in order to make him sit flat.

For the Golem, I will also have to shave off some of the bits in order for it to have a nice place to sit.

For the bamboo mats, I started by cutting the ends off of a few tooth picks, and then sizing them into smaller pieces. I then glued them together side by side. Its kind of a paint to work with them at this size, I think next time I will make them bigger before gluing and then trim them after.

Then I just trimmed them down, and for Shenlongs base, I glued it inside a normal 30mm base, and for the Golem, I tripped it down to fit inside this little recessed area.

I put some sand in around the mat for Shenlongs base, and I also went in with a knife and cut some little slashes across the bamboo to make it look more like real bamboo which has little sections to it. After that I primed them all black.

I gave the temple parts a base coat of a sandy brown to make them match the ones I already have. For the bamboo, I use a more neutral brown. It all got a quick dark brown wash, which looked good on the bamboo but it kind of left pool marks on the stones. I fixed it with a quick overbrush of the original color. I drubrushed both with a paler version of the original color, and they were all done.

Our next contenders

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2
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Next up im going to be tackling Youko Hamasaki, and Brewmaster, as well as their mutual friend Shojo.

For my Youko crew, I based them all up in a Zen Garden theme, with rock paths, raked sand, and a pond (sans Koi cuz the bases are too small. Some of the bases I did the for crew were a bit of a pain, so I think ill just make another rock path surrounded by grass like this Kabuki Warrior in the picture.

Brewmaster is a crew I put together a long time ago, and it shows in the quality. I did the crew on bases that look like busted up docks along some swamp water. They were kinda meh, but Im not gonna redo them all now, so ill still do these folks up to match for now.

For the swamp bases, I started by breaking up some pieces of a coffee stirrer. I made sure to break them and not cut them so I would have some jagged edges. Then I glued them onto the base toward one side, making sure there was enough room for the model to sit.

When I was happy with that, I primed the base, and then base coated the wood in a medium brown. I then hit it with a dark brown wash, and drybrushed it with a lighter brown to bring out the edges. I kept the color pretty dark to keep a rotten and swampy look.

Next I painted a gradient of greens into the swampy area, and I did the same for half of the Shojo base, since it was be half swamp water and half grass to match the other crews bases.

The last steap was to just pour some water effect into the swampy part, but I forgot to take a separate pic, so youll see it at the end.

For the Zen base, I decided to finally break out the Milliput. Im sure Gerry will be pleased. I did some very basic sculpting to just push a few piles of the stuff into roughly rectangular shape. I then used a knife to cut it into more of a clear rectangle, and then softened the sides. I used a small rock to add some texture to the tops after the Milliput had dried just a bit.

I then slapped some sand down in the negative spaces. After sealing it and letting it dry, I primed it place.

The sand got my normal treatment for sand, I base coated it burnt umber, and then dry brushed it with Vallejo Game color Khaki. Its a good recipe because you don’t really have to do multiple passed of drybrushing.

For the stones, I base coated them with a medium-dark gray, and then drybrushed a few layers up to a lighter gray. Super simple.

Finally I added some green grass to the dirt, as well as half of the Shojo base so she would have a mix of both styles. I tried to use a static grass applicator for this, and hey. Pro tip. Those things are only for doing big terrain pieces. Don’t use them for bases, it will just make a huge mess.

For some reason I have an extremely hard time remembering to take WIP pics when painting models. However, this time I did actually remember while painting Shojo.

Shojo is a water spirit, and in the art her body and clothes are all a dull gold color. I started by base coating her in a brownish yellow, and then highlighted up to a gold type of color. I probably should have made her brighter just to make her pop more, but hindsight is 20/20.

Next I base coated the water parts in dark blue, and drubrushed a medium blue, before highlighting up to a light blue to show the splashes of the water. On her sleeves, the “fabric” is turning into water, so I tried to blend those areas a bit, but transitioning from yellow to blue is pretty tough.

Past I did her hair in red, highlighting up to almost orange. According to her lore, her hair is usually black and sometimes red/orange, but I thought the black would get lost here.

Youko was a pretty simple paint job. Everything was a simple base coat and then highlight. I put a wash on her underclothes because the purple I used was too bright. The brown for her gloves and boots I also did with a wash and drybrush cuz they seemed like too much work to highlight manually.

Brewmaster was a fun paintjob. I actually use GWs recipe for Ork skin to do my Gremlins. It makes them a bit darker than the art, but I like it anyway. I couldnt decide how to do the spilled alcohol effect, so I just started with a yellowish brown base, and highlighted up to a pretty bright color. It ended up coming out pretty good in my opinion.

Youko was a pretty simple paint job. Everything was a simple base coat and then highlight. I put a wash on her underclothes because the purple I used was too bright. The brown for her gloves and boots I also did with a wash and drybrush cuz they seemed like too much work to highlight manually.

Brewmaster was a fun paintjob. I actually use GWs recipe for Ork skin to do my Gremlins. It makes them a bit darker than the art, but I like it anyway. I couldnt decide how to do the spilled alcohol effect, so I just started with a yellowish brown base, and highlighted up to a pretty bright color. It ended up coming out pretty good in my opinion.

Thats the whole set, another box down. A ton more to go.


Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 8
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Next up I decided to tackle the Pandora and Colette box since I was working on a video on Colette’s backstory. My Pandora crew has a cobblestone base with some tentacles coming up out of them, and I added a green glow underneath the models to represent the fact that they are not what they appear to be. Colette is a stage performer, so I did wood floors with a fancy carpet over the top. I will need to replicate these bases for the new models, and find a way to combine them for Dorian Crowe who belongs to both crews.

To make the wood floors, the first problem I have to tackle is the fact that Malifaux bases have a lip. For some basing techniques, this makes the process much easier, but for some it is kind of a nightmare.
Depending on what im making, I will sometimes use a bit of polystyrene or card to fill the lip and bring the base flush with the edge. Here, I am actually just using I piece of an old unit card to serve as a guide for the proper size I need the base to be.
I used a compass to cut out the right size circle, and then used stirrer sticks, cut in an offset pattern, to make a floor pattern.
I later realizes that I made my Colette bases so long ago that I actually didnt use this method, I actually scored lines into some material to make the wood pattern. But it kinda looked terrible so im going to stick to the new way.

When I had decided to try to make carpet, I considered a bunch of different techniques. The Star Theater is one of the more popular and fancy establishments in Malifaux, so I wanted the carpet to be fittingly gaudy looking. I found some decorative paper in a craft store, but it had gold design which I though was too gaudy. So I just painted over it.
I cut the paper into semi circles, and then glued them to pieces of card with a little overhand to act as edging for the carpet. I them painted over the gold with some red paint, and painted the trim black. Then I just slapped it on the bases and it was good to go.

For the Pandora bases, I used a green stuff world roller to make the pattern out of air drying clay. I 3d printed a little cookie cutter to cut the clay into the correct size, but I must have used the wrong ones cuz they ended up a little small. I put in some green stuff around the edges to fill the gaps. I know Gerry will be sad, but Milliput is hard to come by in the US so I treat it like the precious substance that it is.
I then primed based with a medium to dark gray, and drybrushed with a blueish gray.

For the hybrid base, I just did the same processes as above, but on a bigger base. I decided to make it look like a sidewalk with a step that leads into the theater. Once I had that all assembled, I used the airbrush to make some green glowy patched, and I had all of the bases done.

I forgot to take WIP pics of the painting process, but it was a pretty simple paint job. I mostly used dry brushing to highlight, except on Colette who I used layering cuz I wanted to have a bit more control over the shadows and highlights on her dress.

Kirai and the graveyard

Tutoring 9
Skill 9
Idea 9
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Kirai is one of the 2 masters in the game who does not follow the normal pattern of coming in a box of 3 with a dual keyword model. So I decided to tackle her first since it would be a bit less work. I have her crew based up in a desaturated graveyard theme, cuz shes all about spoopy ghosts and such. I did these bases a long time ago, so they aren’t spectacular, but I dont have them.


So I started by sticking her down to the base and adding some skulls next to her. Not enough room for a headstone on the small base, so I decided to go pretty simple here. I think when im done im going to add some dead looking tufts to this crews bases to give it a bit more interest.

Next I added some sand and primed the whole bit. The paint scheme for the ground is just a medium grey drybrush over black. I think it gives it a dark and dead look and I kind of like it. For the skulls, I base them in an off white, and then use a sepia wash. I think it gives them a rotten and aged look, and its more interesting to look at than bleached bone.


For Kirai herself, it was a pretty straightforward paint job. The most interesting part was her flowing clothes. I started with a very dark purple and just focused on bringing back the saturation for the highlights. It came out with a pretty dark and shadowy effect that I was pleased with. I was hesitant to add the stripe on the bottom of her robes, but they looked too plain without it. From a 3foot view, I think it looks pretty good.

As a side note, I also 3d printed a little base insert that she can sit in, because this model is meant to also be used in The Other Side, Wyrd’s massed battles game, but she uses a bigger base in that.

Where we stand

Tutoring 6
Skill 9
Idea 9
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These are the few boxes that I have already completed. As you can see, each of the new releases came with the alternate versions of 2 different masters from different factions, and another model which has the keyword of both masters. I finished these up already either because they are masters I play a lot, or because I built the bases for the crew after the new book came out and I knew what would be coming, so I had their bases ready.

The problem at hand

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 11
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With all of these new releases coming for Malifaux, I’ve ended up with a sizeable backlog that I need to get caught up on. I had every crew in Malifaux, but now each and every one of them has gotten new models in the last few months. I couldn’t not buy the new stuff, right? It would be silly to have 98% of the collection and leave the rest missing, right?


So the first issue I have is that I base all of my crews in a specific theme. Some of them are based on happenstance, they are just one whatever kind of base most of the crew was one when I decided to use this system. But most of them are on very thematic bases. Now I need to go back and remake bases for all of the dozens of different themes, and try to get the new ones to match as close as possible. That would probably be easy if I documented the material I used, and the colors of paint I put down. But sadly, I only pretend to be a smart man. So lets see what we can do about it anyway.

To give you a sense, this is my Malifaux pile of shame, plus a few boxes that I have not had a chance to assemble yet.To give you a sense, this is my Malifaux pile of shame, plus a few boxes that I have not had a chance to assemble yet.

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