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The dwarfs are coming to life

The dwarfs are coming to life

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Project Blog by Trevsey

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Currently i'm in the middle of painting my Blood Bowls dwarfs

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New years resolution 2023

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So last night i felt abit of inspiration as in 2023 i was just going to wing it but I have had a change in heart and have decided and i know it’s early but i am setting my new years resolution for 2023 and that by the end of 2023 i will have the remaining figures in my blood bowl dwarf team base painted and washed. I will state i’m not looking at painting the bases in this time but if i do have the time this will get done.

So even if i don’t get the time at club ‘and hold on to your seats’ just so i can say i get it done i will do the hobby at home if i need to but i still expect to get this done at club but time will tell.

So please do stay tuned for next year as im saying it now I will aim to have my dwarfs painted, and i do realize that what im doing is no big feat for alot but this is for me and for you it’s what you get to see from a complete begineer of painting to what can be done.


A small part of the journey

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So we move in to the last part of my updating for abit and here is why.

So after i got my 5 blockers painted i was very much like do i paint the last 1 or move on so I came to the idea well i only need to field 5 at the start of a match so i decided lets do a different figure and i can start to see how my idea will go as the plan will be to paint the helmets a different colour for each role. For example my blockers have silver/grey so my runners i think i will go green.

So i thought about it and i choice a blizzer and again the base is still to be done but the finish result i am happy with.

And this is where my story comes to a close until next year anyway as i don’t plan to paint until then and thats only when i get some free nights at the club i go to.

So I hope you have enjoyed what i have produced so far and i will see you in the new year maybe with a couple of figures painted or the whole team


Starting to paint

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So the story now continues:

As i said in the last entry this year 2022 was when i started painting the dwarfs and i believe it was in October when i finished paiting 5 and for the first time i did a wash and my god never though something like a wash could really make the figures look even better and i was so wrong.


So all though it is only 5 blockers i am happy with this all i’m looking to do is paint the bases but that will be for another time and another entry but before that i have few more figures to paint before i get to that stage.


The next entry i will post will probably be it until next year and you will understand why when i say but until then please stay tuned


Where it all started

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So only recently someone has said to give this ago. So i’ve said i’ll give it ago and all this for is to show that even a complete beginner can do abit of painting even if it’s not great but it’s what you come out with at the end and love, but i digress here is my story and how it’s going:


So back in 2003 i started doing gaming and blood bowl was and as it stands is my fravoite game to play as table top. When i started i played as the Chaos but i only played for about 2 years. So i think it goes back to 2016 i then got back into playing and again i played as the Chaos but when i played it didn’t feel like it did so a change was in order.

So i played around with some of the teams and i don’t know what it was but dwarfs came into my rader and it was from there on i’ve mainly played dwarfs. So then i got the plastic one when they came out but as i’m not alover of making it was some time before i put them together and on the 02/09/2019 it was done i made the dwarfs which you can see as the title pic and this did make me very happy and i believe it was maybe a week or 2 i primmed them and that is where this part ends as a lick of paint didn’t touch them until only this year.

The story to be continued





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