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British Airborne – Time to Jump

British Airborne – Time to Jump

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About the Project

So after UKGE 2022 I decided to commit to a bolt action army, after much analysis paralysis and peer pressure I decided to jump for 1 thousand points of British Airborne from the starter army. Having built the majority of it and sat on it a while its time to get this done and to the table.

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A gauntlent thrown down

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So after UKGE 22 I decided this year was the time to get into bolt action after a couple of Tabletop simulator games through lockdown to trial armies and learn the rules, and spending far too much time staring at the Warlord games stand and looking at the offers I decided to cool off go away and think about it, but not without buying a pretty cool dice tray from another stand first.

Bomber Nose Art Dice TrayBomber Nose Art Dice Tray

Getting into it faction wise came down to I want to play the allies ideally in the European theatre. I wasn’t too concerned with the faction rules or army composition, having had a relatively limited exposure thus far. After a bit of peer pressure, banter and discussion on livestream I ended up going with British airborne.

After the army was delivered I started building a few of the minis knowing these would be my army core while fleshing out the 1000Pt list accurately to finish building the box and between me and my good friend @warbossd we came up with the following

  1. First Lieutenant (Veteran) 103

1              First Lieutenant with Submachine gun

1              Infantry with Submachine gun

–              –


Paratroop Section 160 Veteran

1              NCO with Rifle

8              Infantry with Rifle

Stubborn (Paratroops)   Stubborn (British Paras)

1              Infantry with Light Machine gun


Paratroop Section 180

1              NCO with Rifle

8              Infantry with Rifle

1              Infantry with Light Machine gun (requires loader)

Entire squad equipped with anti-tank grenades


Paratroop Section 113 Veteran

2              Infantry with Rifle

1              NCO with Submachine gun

4              Infantry with Submachine gun




Medic (Veteran) 30

1              Medic

with Pistol


Free Forward Observer (Regular) 0

1              Artillery Forward Observer

With rifle



Machine Gun team (Veteran) 65

1              Medium Machine gun team



Medium Mortar team (Veteran) 75

1              Medium Mortar team

1             Spotter



PIAT team (Veteran) 52

1              PIAT team



Sniper team (Veteran) 65

1              Sniper team

So finally we come to the gauntlet being thrown down – In a rather frank discussion at my wargaming club with warbossd last night a challenge was issued.

2 weeks to fully paint and base the entire army. Never one to turn down a challenge and call to arms here we are. Way outside of my comfort zone, way outside of my usual painting styles and timeframes with a mission to complete. I want to do this army justice so finishing the building deciding on my scheme and and basing then it will be time to commit to getting the starter painted.


Wish me luck