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Spring Cleaning US Airborne

Spring Cleaning US Airborne

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Project Blog by smithsco

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About the Project

I am going to clean up the awful first attempt at painting US airborne from years ago and finish this army.

This Project is Active

Starting Point-Therapy

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 7

I have never done a project before or entered a contest. I didn’t originally plan on doing this one either. My wife pushed me to do it.

Long story short, last year my family was in a car accident. My daughter passed away. My wife almost died that night as well. Since then I haven’t done any gaming and have spent almost no time working on hobby stuff. Our therapist has been pushing us to do things that bring us joy and my wife encouraged me to do this project to get back to working on things I love.

So here it is. These are a mix of Warlord Games and Wargames Factory (talk about a blast from the past). If you look at the pics they’re in rough shape. I work mostly in 6mm and 20mm. When I tried my hand at these it didn’t go well and I gave up. I last worked on these in 2018. Since then I’ve gotten better (though I’m still not good) and want to come back to these

My goal for is to get them painted to a higher standard and complete their bases before the end of the challenge.