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Over the Hills and Far Away

Over the Hills and Far Away

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Project Blog by chesh Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

A project to help me focus, and push forward with the game.

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Firstly, I have flirted with games, and modes over many years, and have been heavily interested in planning out the army and the lore of the games.  I have bought models, and sold models unbuilt, and very rarely actually built them, and even rarely painted them.  Over numerous years, it has been ‘joked’ that I have lots of autistic traits, but recently this has gone a little further, and am now in the process of contemplating seeking a diagnosis, as we have talked about at home, and when trying to nail things down have decided it may go a little further than just having traits.  Why write this?  Well I think it kind of explains the loneliness of my hobby, as I do when thinking about it more deeply have issues surrounding anxieties with new environments and people, and may help to explain why I have never really gone further in creating an army for playing against people.

That does not though mean that I can not find my niche within the hobby, and do hope that any diagnosis, and thinking of things in a slightly different way, it maybe I am able to find strategies to overcome these anxieties and be able to expand my hobby further.

My ‘pile of opportunity’ is vast, and it has taken me a little to try and decide what to tackle first.

If I was alive in 1815, and been in Belgium, the Duchess of Richmond’s ball would not have been the only event taking place on 15th June.  It would have been my birthday, and I would have been having one hell of a celebration, before marching off to take part in one of the most famous battles in history.  Waterloo!

I have decided that I am going to make the Waterloo Starter Set, for Black Powder, by Warlord Games as my Spring Clean Challenge.  Although, the project aim is to get myself set up and starting to play and learning the game.  It is more about trying to see myself gaining benefit instead of just looking at grey plastic on sprues.  So this first part of the project will probably not include any painting, although if some takes place that will be a bonus.  I am