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The Voyages of the ‘Fluffy Bunny’

The Voyages of the ‘Fluffy Bunny’

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I dropped lucky a couple of weeks ago and managed to get Blood and Plunder starter set... As with Sea Dogs it is centered on a friend' two Neices as characters.

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HMS Troutbridge

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HMS Troutbridge

Well it’s took me best part of a week to build it  no fault of design,  goes together very well and any problems were more to me being caggy handed than the model itself.

Now for those not in the Know HMS Troutbridge was the long suffering near Indestructible Destroyer Escort in the Long Running Radio Comedy ‘ The Navy Lark, which had as members of its cast 3rd Doctor Who John Pertwee, Leslie Phillips,  and in the early series Ronnie Barker. The ship was famous for its many collisions with Docks , other ships etc, and never seemed to take any damage whilst nigh on wrecking everything it hit. Hence the crest above  and the motto ‘Everybody Down’.

I have a fair few of the series on Amazon,  and still like to listen to episodes over Sunday Lunch, the time it was traditionally broadcast.

So when I came to give my Sarrisma Precision’s Frigate it was the obvious name.

The ship in one peice.The ship in one peice.