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The Voyages of the ‘Fluffy Bunny’

The Voyages of the ‘Fluffy Bunny’

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I dropped lucky a couple of weeks ago and managed to get Blood and Plunder starter set... As with Sea Dogs it is centered on a friend' two Neices as characters.

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The Fluffy Bunny

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More of as an accident than by plan I actually finished one of the 2 Sloops 1st.  I’d prepped the all the Black Scorpion Figures and built the 1st 12 of the starter box figures, and decided that on a Saturday Afternoon  I’d start building the Sloop. I then painted the interior of the rear gun deck and two cannons. I stuck the cannon in  place and did the final assembly to find one of the bloody cannons had come loose when I checked on model post glue setting, and then lost one of gun hatches when it fell in side.

All to find that unless do Gerrys extra detailing  you can see bugger all through the gun ports… Guess what I shan’t bother on 2nd..

Anyway having got so far, it took a life of its own, and I gave it a base coat of Zandri Dust. I didn’t attempt John Grey as all the the dry brushing looked like a bit too much phaffing. Instead I painted the deck a lighter sand colour and then pretty much used Contrast paints do the rest, mainly Skeleton Bone on Deck s and Hull  Aggaros Dunes and Wychwood on the Masts.

I did do a bit of light dry brushing with the sand colour to highlight the woodwork and Grain.

I followed the  Johns red for the internal deck walls and used a turquoise blue for the upper hull, but otherwise followed most of John’s Tips, main difference was some different paint shades base on what I had in rack