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Beekeeper Vs Witchfinder

Beekeeper Vs Witchfinder

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About the Project

Somehow this scene from the underwhelming BBC series 'The Witchfinder' stuck in my head (clip contains swearing In an effort to exorcise it from my mind I'm going to recreate it via the medium on 28mm metal miniatures.

This Project is Completed


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Skill 6
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The charactersThe characters

I picked up the beekeeper from Midlam Miniatures at the weekend, and the other two are from Bloody Miniatures. The beekeeper will do as-is, but the Witchfinder and maid need to have their guns removed.

Beekeeper, done.

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 9
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Have you been in the hive?Have you been in the hive?

I really enjoyed painting this piece from Midlam Miniatures. I started with a standard ‘slap chop’ of white over grey then a slathering of Army Painter ‘Palid Bone’ speed paint. While that gave me a good effect I decided to push it a bit more and went in for a couple of highlights using appropriate beige and white. The rope belt and whicker facemask are both speed/contrast paints.

Witchfinder & 'witch' completed

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Skill 7
Idea 7
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There's someone coming There's someone coming

I’m calling these done so I can make progress. I’m not really satisfied with their faces, but I really enjoyed painting their clothes.





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Skill 5
Idea 5
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The finished vignette.

The base has some contours made from putty and polyfilla. The beehives where a quick contrast/speed paint combination. Static grass and tufts hide the fact that I haven’t trimmed the metal bases from the miniatures.

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