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Dan’s Dungeonalia

Dan’s Dungeonalia

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Project Blog by danlee Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

My plan for the next three months is to focus my hobby on Dungeonalia. I have an idea for a diorama first. I may then elaborate on it more by dabbling into the other categories.

This Project is Completed


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Skill 2
Idea 2
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To paint the dungeon I applied various contrast paints to the bricks and flooring: snakebite leathergore-grunta furguilliman fleshdarkoath fleshwyldwood. It all then got one final coat of skeleton horde to colour the mortar areas. My thinking was contrast on a flat surface is likely to be a bit blotchy, but that’s ok as it will give the impression of texture.


The censers and door gears were painted basilicanum grey.


The green water was painted plaguebearer flesh.


The pentagram and door rim were painted blood angels red.


The flames were painted averland sunset, then layered with wild rider red followed by evil sunz scarlet. They were finished with a light drybrush of abaddon black.

Prepping for paint

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Skill 2
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Prepping for paint

I asked for advice last week on how to prepare the MDF terrain. Thanks to everyone who chipped in.

I strengthened all the lines by following them with a 0.3mm pen.

Then everything got a 1:1 PVA glue to water coat to seal it.

Instead of using the red plastic flames that came with kit, which are ok but a bit cartoony for what I’m going for, I sculpted some using milliput. I started with a cone shape and then used a needle-like sculpting tool to cut in a flame shape. Then I finished them by using a pair of tweezers to twist the flames.

Dungeon built

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Skill 1
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The dungeon setting for my diorama is made from two laser cut MDF kits. I got them from Etsy but their direct webstore is given below.


Both kits went together very easily and quickly and I like the added laser cut details.


I want to add paint but if I spray and then use acrylics I’ll loose the laser cut details. Have any of you done this sort of project before? What works well? I think washes and/or contrast paints will work, if they soak in properly. Any suggestions?

Hero of the day!

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
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The plucky hero who’s going to take on the villain and his cultists all on at once (what could possibly go wrong?) is yet another Hasslefree model:


HFH130 Grond


The greens were either castellan green washed biel-tan green and then highlighted straken green followed by nurgling green, or death world forest washed athonian camoshade and then highlighted elysian green followed by ogryn camo.


The browns were either mournefang brown washed agrax earthshade then highlighted skrag brown then deathclaw brown, or steel legion drab washed agrax earthshade then highlighted tallarn sand followed by karak stone.


The hair was painted xv-88, washed seraphim sepia then highlighted balor brown followed by zamesi desert.


The skin was painted bugman’s glow, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted cadian fleshtone followed by kislev flesh.


The bronze metallics were either painted warplock bronze and then highlighted  brass scorpion followed by runelord brass, or screaming bell washed reikland fleshshade then highlighted hashut copper followed by sycorax bronze.


The sword steel was painted leadblecher, washed nuln oil, then highlighted ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.

Definitely not a cylon...

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 4
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This is intended to be the main villain. Another Hasslefree model.


HFH164 Lord Karghoul


The entire model was painted leadbelcher, washed nuln oil, then drybrushed ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.


The eye slits were painted evil sunz scarlet then the eyes were dotted with trollslayer orange.


The horns were painted mechanicus standard grey, washed nuln oil, then highlighted skavenblight dinge followed by stormvermin fur.


The axe haft was painted dryad bark, washed agrax earthshade, then highlighted gorthor brown followed by baneblade brown.

Every good dungeon has a cult

Tutoring 7
Skill 9
Idea 6
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The first models painted for this diorama are three cultist models from Hasslefree.

HFH049 Male Cultist

HFH050 Female Cultist

HFH051 Young Cultist


I’ll be taking them off the bases to put them in the diorama so they’re not painted. Also the flames in the brazier will be painted along with the other flames at the end of the diorama.


The robes were painted screaming pink washed druchii violet, then highlighted in a 50:50 mix of screamer pink and pink horror. It had a final highlight of pink horror.


One cultist’s skin was painted rakarth flesh, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted flayed one flesh followed by pallid wych flesh.


The other cultist’s skin was painted bugman’s glow, washed reikland fleshshade, then highlighted cadian fleshtone followed by kislev flesh.


The gold was painted retributor armour, washed seraphim sepia, then highlighted auric armour gold, then liberator gold.


The dagger blade was painted leadbelcher, washed nuln oil, then highlighted ironbreaker followed by runefang steel.


The extracted heart was painted khorne red then blood for the blood god.

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