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ShatterPunk – Nontraditional Shatterpoint Paint Schemes

ShatterPunk – Nontraditional Shatterpoint Paint Schemes

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About the Project

Majority of painted Shatterpoint models I have seen try to follow traditional color schemes. I want to share this to give ideas to people looking for something more personalized - Shatterpoint lets you bring models from all factions together potentially, and you often face similar models. So I think it is valuable to have a coherent scheme that is your own.

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Core Box Minis

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This initial post covers my ShatterPunk scheme for the core box miniatures from Shatterpoint.  This is all speedpainting over a zenithal undercoat using contrast style paints – thinned luxion purple and striking scorpion are the punchy purple and green combo, but there are plenty of GSW dipping inks used for some of the others, and some AP speedpaints.  But, my goal here isn’t to do a painting guide so much give ideas how to block out the colors in a nontraditional scheme, while at least keeping some of the feel of the characters.