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Kira’s Club Terrain – A Spring Clean Challenge

Kira’s Club Terrain – A Spring Clean Challenge

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About the Project

I run a club and have a whole pile of Terrain either minimally painted or still in it's raw plastic. This year I have decided to make my own Spring Clean Challenge to be to get as much of this as I can out of the To Do pile and onto the table.

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Week 4 - Pledge

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My Pledge for Week 4: Monday 16th April 2024 – Sunday 21st April 2024

It’s been a fun few weeks getting into the swing of some regular hobby progression and squaring away some of the smaller things I’ve had outstanding for a little while now but ultimately I got into this to sort some more terrain for the West Moor Gaming Club and, sadly, there is not a lot of demand for 15mm WW2 era terrain going at the moment.

Until that changes it’s time to start on something that fits onto the more common line up of games. Sci-fi, 28mm and Grimdark.

And so, my plan is to start working on this:

Lots of plastic waiting for some love and attention~Lots of plastic waiting for some love and attention~

“What is that?” might reasonably ask. A pile of plastic to be sure but what is it destined to become.

This is a collection of pieces from Archon’s Rampart series of terrains, specifically the City Ruins set. If you look back at the prologue I had a whole mess of Rampart pieces awaiting being properly tended to and with these I intend to start tackling that particular mountain.
I only hope that is everything from the City Ruins as there sure is a lot in those trays from a few of the sets but if not, there is certainly enough to be getting on with here.

As for my pledge itself with this: I find myself in a similar position to when I started the 4Ground kits in that I am don’t have a great idea of how quick I can work through this stuff as it has been a good few years since I seriously worked on anything from Archon (like some of the original Dungeons & Lasers) so here is what I plan to do.

Given the sheer amount of pieces here I think that this might realistically be a multi-week job to get done without abandoning everything else going on in the real work so it’s time to take a measure of working on these.
With 5 days left to me in this pledge week, I am going to clean up as much of this as possible and then use that to give an idea of how long it might take to get it all done. I am hoping the whole lot could be about 2 weeks, maybe 3 at the outside but I shall reconvene at the end of this week and see how things have gone.
If nothing else, I plan to transition to painting once this subset is ready rather than spending months cleaning and building it all but still not having it ready for the table.

How will I get on? Check back after the weekend to see.

Next Post

I’ll be back at the end of the week to report on proceedings. Will it be Sunday? Will it be Monday? Tuesday?

Who knows. Existence is chaos and time is a flat circle with no meaning.
Until then.

Week 4 - Pledge (WIP)

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My Pledge for Week 4: Monday 16th April 2024 – Sunday 21st April 2024

Bonus - Terrain in the Wild

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By no means a “Breath of Fresh Air” contender as this is seeing them in exactly the place you would expect to see them, I none the less fulfilled one of the key goals of this project last week: getting some terrain out of the to do pile and onto the table.

Namely a table over at West Moor Gaming Club which I run on my local community centre. The L.C.A Defence Line came out for a skirmish game against my fellow club member “A”.

We played Grimdark Future Firefight, One Page Rules’ sci-fi skirmish rules: all the flavour of Warhammer 40,000 without all the crunch for a faster game which I and a few of the other members do like for a light night of dice rolling and tactical toys.

Sadly, I may disappoint the Gerrys of the world as I don’t have the photos for a full blow by blow battle report but I did capture some of the highlights which you can browse below.

The beginning of the game, a ruined The beginning of the game, a ruined "Imperial" outpost with the remnants of some additions built by some interloping aliens who have now moved on.
A couple of Prime Brothers ready to take back this sovereign land .A couple of Prime Brothers ready to take back this sovereign land .
An infiltrator with the Ambush special rule forward deploys, taking up a firing position in the Gatehouse to suppress any advancing enemies.An infiltrator with the Ambush special rule forward deploys, taking up a firing position in the Gatehouse to suppress any advancing enemies.
Perfidious Xenos of the DAO Union advance to invade our territory. Brothers, destroy them!Perfidious Xenos of the DAO Union advance to invade our territory. Brothers, destroy them!
A tactical miscalculation. The forward Infiltrator is over-exposed and falls to the enemy's guns. You will be avenged! (or not as each side only takes one casualty a side and the game comes down to control of a single objective in the last turn)A tactical miscalculation. The forward Infiltrator is over-exposed and falls to the enemy's guns. You will be avenged! (or not as each side only takes one casualty a side and the game comes down to control of a single objective in the last turn)
A close quarters shoot out for control of the central bastion soon breaks out.A close quarters shoot out for control of the central bastion soon breaks out.
On the right flank, a duel between a Wizard and Robot breaks out. They will slug it out for three turns with neither giving enough ground for the point to be claimed.On the right flank, a duel between a Wizard and Robot breaks out. They will slug it out for three turns with neither giving enough ground for the point to be claimed.
The two commanders engage at point blank range. No shot proves telling as they too will battle to a stand still this day.The two commanders engage at point blank range. No shot proves telling as they too will battle to a stand still this day.


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Week 3 - Results (and Pledge... sort of)

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Well, I did write an entry last week about the pledge for this week but it appears it never made it to the servers as it’s not around here now.
Perhaps I failed to get it submitted, perhaps the Gremlins where particularly angry or maybe Tom just hadn’t feed the hamsters on time that day.

Either way, I’m just going to write this entry on what I did last week and how it compared to what I wanted to get done. I’m channelling my inner Gerry and doing what I want because you can’t stop me.

I’m sure the power won’t go to my head.

Finishing of that 4Ground piece

Finally doneFinally done

Ooooooh boy. This one nearly broke me… I’m not kidding.

This one was a challenge. I have mentioned before that the finer textured parts of these kits are laminated mdf with the top layer painted and then texture laser cut into the surface.
This can make some of the finer bits liable to come away if handled a bit roughly. As it turns out, for all the red brick work pieces in this set, a bit roughly equates to breathing a little too heavily in the next room over.

I spent so, so much time finding individual bricks on my cutting mat, having to reach for the glue and try and get them back onto which ever part they had fallen away from: assuming I found them at all.

Anyway, it’s done. I think I am ready for something different next week and to take a break from this sort of thing. I’ll definitely come back to these but once the frustration has worn away.

And I finally for the horses done as well

Yep, I finally made the time and space to sort these out.

For those just joining us, I had to solve the issue of the horses in the Riders of Rohan kit from GW not fitting into the bases provided for them. The pegs on the horses hooves are just way smaller than the holes for them.#

To solve this, I decided to take a mix of miliputt and green stuff for no other reason than I have heard quiet a few people more talented than me recently talking about how this gives a happy medium between the two: being softer than green stuff itself but less crumbly than just milliput.
I’m not about to start sculpting custom kitbashing or anything but hey, how often do you have an excuse to mix up two part epoxies without just throwing them in the bin when you’re done.

Not a full review but yeah: it was smoother than miliputt when it was all mixed up but not quite as stiff and dense and green stuff. Not exactly revolutionary for this application but would recommend.

A quick walk through of the steps I took in the gallery above:

  1. Prepping the parts to mix up. much squishing and rolling and folding to occur.
  2. Next I stuffed the holes in the base with a wad of the mixture…
  3. …before filling it over, getting the horse set into the position I wanted and clearing away an excess that squished out in the process.
  4. As is always the case you have to mix more than you use when doing this but I decided to go all in and use the excess to fill out the space more of the same. I simply took what was left after the more precise work, rolled it into a sausage and cut it into roughly equal parts and slapped it in there.
    These modes are fairly tall once they have a rider mounted on them and given the lack of clean connection these are going to have this should help to bring the centre of gravity down a bit.
  5. And this was all done six times. Done.

Glad to finally have these done. Now to annoy someone for a learner game of MESBG.

Next Post

The next-next post will be the Pledge for Week 04. Hopefully I’ll appease the server’s machine spirit this time and it want disappear into the void like last time.

But the next post is a bonus post. What could it be? Who knows?
Well I do but I’m going to make some dinner now and then hopefully write up that one. Or maybe you’re reading this in the future and you can go read it right now. The wonders of the internet, go you.

Week 2 - Results

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Whelp, it’s Tuesday night as I write this which should give an idea of how this last week went…

Though as always: there are lessons to be learnt so let us review.

The Good...

So the bit that went well was the L.C.A Defence Line. Though I only managed to get started on this properly on Saturday (more on that later) I took a leaf from my recent kit work and setup an assembly line to chew through this process.
Above are some snapshots of this process as I worked through it:

  1. First I plucked and cleaned ALL the pieces across the kits. This was the bit I did manage to make a start on in the week before so, rather than shift my focus from prepping the pieces to building, I just kept working through these.
  2. Come Saturday I finished prepping the piece as above and made a start on the assembly itself.
    First I built what I have come to think of as the structural elements of the pieces: the floor piece, the initial walls and the buttresses that help them stand. I did the larger full pieces first…
  3. …before following on with the smaller broken end pieces.
  4. With the structural stuff in place I began on the decorative stuff. Lots of strips with the impressions of big old screws laser cut to cover the majority of the laser cut edges.
  5. Next came these strips that sit above the firing slits in all the walls. They’re to be decorated later on but the relatively long and thin nature of these meant they would start curling up as they absorbed the PVA glue so this necessitated holding the, in places till everything dried in place: hence the plethora of clips.
  6. And then came the Hazard Stripes that sit on the previous steps pieces above the firing slits. These are strips of paper cut from a patterned piece and stuck down with yet more PVA glue.
  7. BONUS STEP: Once upon a time, one of my existing walls lost one of it’s buttresses, never to be seen again. I didn’t have the parts to completely replace this but the new kits provided enough extra parts to replace the buttress itself if not the decoration on top of it. After dry fitting this is place I decided it looked better than it being missing completely so down it was stuck.
  8. And with that, everything was complete. 48 hours of gluing and drying and the new pieces where ready.


,,,and the Not So Good

The little else that got doneThe little else that got done

As intimated above, I didn’t get nearly as much time to work on this as I had hoped.

This was for a few reasons: it’s the Easter Holidays and so the smols are off from school, work has had me putting in some extra time at the moment and I’ve started physiotherapy work the ankle I broke back at the end of December. All stuff that has taken more time that I hadn’t been expecting.

So the lesson learned is maybe chill on starting big hobby plans in the school holidays. Oh, and don’t fall down the stairs and break your ankle. Good life lessons.

It wasn’t all bad news though: I did get some progress beyond the Defence Line. I got started on the Terrace House kits I wanted to do and got the undamaged version done and some of the damaged for good measure.

Sadly, the Rohirrim remained untouched once again.

Next Post

Well it’s late, my ankle hurts from the gym and there is half a week left for the next pledge. I have some ideas around finishing up the bits and bobs that have been started and clearing the slate for a clean start next week.

I’ll be back sometime tomorrow once I have figured out what that looks like.

Week 2 - Pledge

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My Pledge for Week 2: Monday 1st April 2024 – Sunday 7th April 2024

My pledge for this week is to carry on where I left off whilst adding in some more: to finish the North Western European Terrace House (Type 1) kits from 4Ground, the get those Rohan horses from last week based and to build my extensions to my L.C.A Defence Line.

Putting the horses to stable

The Riders of Rohan's mount's to stick to their basesThe Riders of Rohan's mount's to stick to their bases

If you read my Week 1 – Results post then you’ll know that I was somewhat taken aback when I found myself away last week, trying to put them together, only to discover that the pegs on the models are too small for the slots on the provided bases.

Time for some putty and a little fill in work and these should be set into the bases and done for the time being.

Continuing the 4Ground Kits

I started the set so I'll finish the setI started the set so I'll finish the set

Another set of the 15mm Terrain Kits/Railway buildings that I started on last week, I made a start on the first of it’s building and so I want to finish it over this week to join the others.

LCA Defense Lines

Extending the bases defencesExtending the bases defences

Once upon a time I won a set of Terrain from a little known hobby website called On Table Top. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Jokes aside, this set from a designer known as the Laser Cut Architect was produced by 4Ground and so, when 4Ground went out of business and I was picking up kits: I also picked up some extension kits for this set at the same time.

Well, last week I dusted off the original for a game of Grimdark Future Firefight at the local: West Moor Gaming Club and I find myself inspired to get these additions built and expand the possibilities of what the set can offer us when setting up our boards.

There is a set of Corner Walls, a set of Straight Walls and couple of Broken Walls all of which I’ll be looking to get built this week.

Next Post

I’ll be back at the end of this week/the beginning of next to report how this week went and to make another pledge.

Until then.

Week 1 - Results

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Time to look back and see how this week went.

In short, this was a bit of a mixed bag but having more stuff done than at the beginning of the week was always the point. I’m not of a mind to consider any progress a failure but rather to use these reflections to consider the measure of success.

Let us start with the Rohirrim Battleforce and what I have come to call the “What… what?” moment.

Rohirrim Results or "How Did This Get Past Quality Control?"

I’ll not dwell on this one too much as it was something of a sideshow to the theme of the project but I did run into one complication I haven’t been able to solve just yet worth noting: holes.

Below on the left is a snapshot of the set as it is now. I magnetised all of the bases without much fuss and got them in place for their respective models to be mounted. Down the right of the plate are the Warriors loosely grouped by weapons and next to these is Éomer (on foot in front and mounted behind). Nothing much exciting here unless you want to see these models in detail but that’s another project.
But to the left we find six magnetised bases without models and pots of horses and riders above it all.
So what went wrong?

So, if you turn your attention to the second image below, you will see a photo of the peg on the horse’s hooves to be inserted into the holes on these bases as seen through said hole. Spend a moment more looking and you may see the gap surrounding said peg even though it is inserted into said hole…
Yep, the pegs are significantly smaller than the hole intended for them to insert… This was the “Wait… what?” moment.
I have no idea why as these “cavalry” bases are the same as the one supplied for the mounted Éomer and his model fits in perfectly (in fact, the one if the image isn’t even glued in, I left it loose to pop out again and make painting it easier) but for some reason the Riders just don’t fit their supplied bases.

Sadly, I have been away much of this past week and though I packed up my old kit bag and took my hobby around with me: I did not foresee needing to fill any gaping gaps and had none of the usual go to fillers for this.
All this needs is something like some green stuff or some Milliput to get them all set in there but alas, it’ll be next week before I am back in my hobby space with access to these so finishing this job off is going to have to wait till then.

Breaking ground on the 4Ground kits

I made some decent headway on these having dedicated most of my hobby time to these over the Rohirrim above.

Though there were some ups and downs to these as I got into the zone on how best to work with these models and the 4Ground style of kits by the time I was worked through a few of them.

Things started out simply enough as I began with kit 101, a relatively simple Apartment block . I followed the instructions verbatim on this one and, though it took a fair while, it came together without much fuss.
Then I moved on to its Damaged version and the problems began to emerge.

Firstly, one of the challenges of the Damaged buildings proved to the fact that almost none of the floors of the building are a complete four side rectangle due to all the gaps where the damage occurs. This made it very difficult to put even sided pressure on the pieces as they set to keep everything together as the glue dried enough to keep everything where it needed to be.
This led to all sorts of problems with pieces popping loose when only half dried and things not quite setting in the right place or connecting surfaces tearing.
And all of this coming apart and trying to get things put back together caused all sort of damage to the facing pieces (most of these kits come down to a simple inner layer that gives the structure and an outer layer that has the coloured and textured presentation layer but the outer most of these are a thin layer on top of the mdf making it prone to pieces breaking loose and peeling away if too much pressure is applied).
All in all… this Damaged building is a bit of a mess if I look closely at it (good job its meant to be damaged already I guess) and is likely going to be at the back of any setup its used for in the future but if nothing else it taught me some important lessons.


  • Sometimes, ignore the instructions: build the inner first and let it dry fully. Then the decorative outer can be applied on top of this solid base. Any additional details can wait till this is dry as well so things don’t shift when they are partially dry.
  • Break sequence and work on all floors of the building in parallel, when one step of a floor is drying work on the same step of the next floor. That way, when that step for the last floor is done, the first floor is dry and ready for the next step.
  • Place the “sprues” flat on a cutting mat and cut out the pieces from the back. This sandwiches any decorative layers against the matt and massively reduces bits chipping off those thin outermost layers.
  • Reinforce the arches of the roof with a piece of wood. These are very thin and potentially under a lot of pressure so I used the sticks included on a lot of the “sprues” (ostensibly to help poke the other pieces out but I found using the blunt edges of my other tools equally effective so I repurposed them here).

These steps were refined over the course of my third build and by the fourth, I had them down to a science. This has both made the builds themselves somewhat faster but also resulted in cleaner and better looking results. See the gallery below for a set of snapshots of working through these steps as I built the 102 North Western European Ashlar Bank/Apartments in the following steps.

  1. Built all the inner walls of every floor (even when the instructions began to the outer walls).
  2. Attach the outer walls to add the outer colour/texture
  3. Build the roof and reinforce it.
  4. Add all of the window sills/windows as the kit requires.
  5. A comparison of 102 and 102D which I managed to build both of in about the time took me to build 101D having got this process down,
All the buildings built in Week 1All the buildings built in Week 1

So, four whole buildings and two add ons (one at the front and one currently in the tall red roofed building at the back).
I did make a start on the fifth building, the North Western European Terrace Houses (Type 1) but this only got as far as the inner walls of the bottom floor so I didn’t include it in the beauty shot.

Not bad for a week’s work I feel and checks of six baggies of laser cut mdf from my To Do pile and puts them into Done. A good start if I do say so and I do as it’s my project blog, along with some lessons learned to hopefully get some more done over the next coming week.

But what will I pledge for Week 2? Well…

Next Post

Next will be my pledge for Week 2. But it’s about half past eleven at night as I write this so I think I’ll have to come back tomorrow and write that one (also, I need to snap another photo or two of bits I intend to work on).

As with the Week 1 stuff, I have already decided what I will be working on and have made a start even though I hadn’t been able to find the time to blog it before now but hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow (on my lunch break if nothing exciting happens at work) to document this second pledge and show what I am working on next.

Week 1 - Pledge

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My Pledge for Week 1: Monday 25th March 2024 – Sunday 31st March 2024*

* As you may have noticed, the period for this week has already passed at the time of my writing this. Well, that is correct: but my sin was not a lack of hobby but rather on being around a personal device to write it up. Between work and being away over the Easter weekend at multiple family gatherings: I have not had a moment to sit and do this.
That being said, I did indeed make my pledge and I did work on it. So I’m going to write this one as I would have at the beginning of last week and review what actually got done in my next post. Everyone onboard? Okay, let’s go.

My first week’s pledge is to finish up the MESBG Rohirrim Battleforce I was already working on and then to move on to some of the 4Ground buildings.

Finish Building the Rohirrim

The current state of my Rohirrim BattleforceThe current state of my Rohirrim Battleforce

Here’s a picture of where this is up to.

I’ve worked through the Warriors (bottom larger grey tray) and the Riders (top smaller grey tray) and removed their mould lines (so… so many deep mould lines on these old kits) and stuck the horses together.
The horses (the lower wooden tray) are going to need some work with the filing tools and some sprue-goo to fill out the gaps and smooth the joins over. These are no Golden Demon entries but deep lesions to the necks and butt cracks running up the saddles look a little silly even in bare plastic so these need a little work in preparation for future painting.

Next is Éomer, Marshall of the Riddermark (sprue in the top right) which contains both his Infantry and Cavalry versions to put together. There are some options to this around weapons and armour but I’ll make them as I get to building them.

Starting on 4Ground kits

Lets see how far we get with theseLets see how far we get with these

With a great bulk of these kits to work through (and with some encouragement from my 6 year old “Thing 1” who is excited for some of the buildings to be used for decorating our model railway in the future) I have decided to plough straight into putting together as many of these building kits from 4 Grounds Europe at War range.

I previously organised these kits by their product codes because each code contains a set number and each set shares the same number with some modifiers so this made it easier to gather all the kits together.
Take kit 101 for example, this contains the following three variants:

  • 15S-EAW-101: North Western European Stone Hotel/Apartments
  • 15S-EAW-101D: North Western European Stone Hotel/Apartments (Damaged)
  • 15S-EAW-101A: North Western European Stone Hotel/Apartments (Add-on)

This trend continues through the range with xxxD codes being the damaged version of the building and xxxA being add ons (an extra floor that can be slotted into another of the building to increase it’s height).

I haven’t worked on these sorts of kits in… years now? It’s been a while so I’m unsure how I’ll get on with them so I’ve pulled the first four sets to work through and see how I get on. Now, this represents the following 11 kits of various sizes and complexities: North Western European Stone Hotel/Aparements (101, 101D, 101A), North Western European Ashlar Stone Bank/Apartments (102, 102D) North Western European Terrace Houses (Type 1) (103, 103D, 103A) and North Western European Semi-Detached Houses (Type 1) (104, 104D, 104A).

That’s a lot of North Western European kits.

I’m just going to put as much time as I can into these and see what I can get through to give me a sense of what is a reasonable rate for me and my free time. Check back in the Week 1 progress report to see how I did.

Next Post

Next will be the results of my first week where we see how I got on and use these results to think about what I will be doing next.

The Prologue - The Pile Part 2

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Games Workshop

Like most people in this hobby, I have had my time in Games Workshop. These days it tends to be using their models as I love the lore and setting but drop them into other rule sets (Grimdark Future has been gaining some traction recently).

But as I mentioned, this is for a club and as such, we get quite a bit of Warhammer 40,000 and Kill Team being played and so some terrain from the same line gets quite a bit of use.
The sets here are:

  • Sector Mechanicus
    A smattering of stuff from Kill Team boxes, picking up issue of those Hachette Partworks magazines and stuff donated by members, all of this is just sprayed Leadbelcher and left as is.
    I think I would like to add some accent stuff to this lift it up a bit but not go mad so that it could overshadow the models being played over it. Maybe some washes, quick drybrushes and/or some Modelmate sprays might be in order before picking out some complementary details.
  • Space Hulk stuff
    The Into the Dark season of Kill Team was a big draw for me as I was in to pretty much all of the teams that were a part of it. As such I ended up with three of the launch boxes and picking up a sprue of the unique bits from the other. This has actually seen a fair bit of play as it really is it’s own things but I’ve been reluctant to paint it as the put together and take apart nature of it means exploring a world of varnishes to protect the paint I’ve never really explored before. A good learning experience when I commit to this.
  • Octarius
    The OG set of terrain from the first Kill Team second edition launch set. This one also sees a lot of play as it’s one of the few terrain sets that isn’t blatantly imperial so it’s great for everyone not playing for the Golden Throne, even if they’re not Orks but just fighting through the ruins of a scrap town.
    Like the Mechanicus stuff, this has just been sprayed Leadbelcher and could do with some lover to bring out some of the details.

Tackling these will definitely be on the list simply because they get used so much.

Bits to Build

The Prologue - The Pile Part 2

These are all the gubbins that have come with other Terrain kits over the years, the small bits that don’t really add up to a piece of terrain themselves.

Individually they are small enough that putting them on the table just makes more of a mess than anything else so they have been banished to the box to accrue over the years. Going through this I was struck by the idea of gluing these together in little groups and adding them to bases to make still small but manageable scatter terrain.

I shall have to go and have a rummage around my bits and the internet for some ideas on completing this.

The Rest

Just a bunch of stuff that I also have around that aren’t really complete sets in and of themsleves.

  1. A bunch of Fantasy bits, mostly from Oathsworn (yes, the Burrows and Badgers people) and Warbases. There is some nifty stuff in here like the stone circle with a changeable centre is a cool centre piece and the quaint mouse house is full of whimsy.
    The stockade is one of the first pieces of terrain I ever owned and it;s serviceable enough but it’s a little small for most “28mm” scale stuff I find. Perhaps it will be donated to the TT Scale model train stuff and find a new life there.
  2. These are some boards of model trees and some rocks made of some foam (I think XPS foam but unsure under the paint) that was donated by club member. They are actually pretty good on the table but have had a rough life. Some of the rocks have worn away at the edges and a few of the trees have come away from the board (revelling what I believe to be a cereal box).
    Another set that could be really something with a little TLC and a better storage solution than shoved in a box with some bubble wrap. A bit of paint to cover the scuffs on the rocks and I’m thinking of either a new base for the trees or adding an additional base layer to the trees to give them a little more weight and rigidity. I shall have to see but these are so nice to begin with I would hate to not bring them back into the fold.
  3. Stuff to get rid off:
    Yep, in routing through all this stuff I found some things worth getting rid of. Most of it is a series of GW ruins all in the same style, some painted and some not. There is nothing wrong with these but they are relatively bulky and take up a lot of space for what they are. Seeing as I stack all the club stuff on a cart on the night we meet and wheel it over to our venue they are becoming less and less appreciated by me.
    Perhaps I’ll get them all based (those on the box are primed… Mechanicus Standard Grey I think) and then offer them to one of the other local gaming clubs we know that have storage on site where packing it up and moving it each time isn’t so much of an issue.

Next Post

So, that is everything I have to work on, in club terrain at least, and lets not get into the likes of half painted minis and ideas cluttering my painting space; that’s for another project.

Time to take stock, figure out what I want to do first and then set my first weeks goal. As mentioned previously this might involve some other bits and pieces (for example, I’m on some MESBG Rohirrim for a learning game that should probably keep on top of getting built at least) but come tomorrow, I should have a direction to begin this journey.

The Prologue - The Pile Part 1

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4Ground WW2 155m (with special guest LCA Defence Line)

Starting off the pile of things needing some work is a whole pile of kits from 4Ground’s Europe at War and and something with the acronym TOA ranges (if anyone knows, comment below: I’m now curious).

I may have gone a little mad when 4Ground announced they were going out of business as I had always wanted to do something big in a small scale for the turn of the last century (Flames of War or Crossfire being the front runners). Since then they have languished as something that would be done eventually.
But now they have a possible second purpose…

Story time:
Channelling my inner Lloyd, my boys and I have started getting into model trains of late. We started with the typically British OO Scale but, in order to try and fit our toys on the dining table rather than building a extension to our house for them I recently decided to get my hands on the new TT Scale being championed by Hornby and Pico. This range is scaled at 1:120 which for those who know their scale is around what 15mm stuff is set around (1:100 – 1:120).
When I was getting all this stuff out to sort it out, my six year old had a rummage through this stuff and is now excited that one day we could have a little train running around next to a village of mid last century buildings.
Well, add the fact that there is a TT Scale LNER Eastener set in the loft that he doesn’t know about (this was a Christmas present and I only went a fell down the stair Christmas morning, breaking my ankle: we’ve been waiting till I’ve healed up to get it out) and now I have two reasons to get these buildings built and ready to play with.


On a related note, when I got these I added on some extra bits for the Laser Cut Architect’s Defence Line terrain. I actually won my original set here on OTT from a Weekender some time back and it a great kit.
I magnetised the roofs of the tower blocks so they could be popped off for taller models and they are a popular pick up at the club for that real military base feel without being the usual ruined Gothic building (or often, mixing the two).
The extra walls will just give the set that bit more coverage for larger games or for more variable layouts.

Dungeons & Lasers

Oh boy: Dungeons & Lasers.

I love this set, and I mean LOVE this stuff but Roleplay has taken something of a back seat in my life since The Event and consequently, so has my working on this.

This pile contains stuff from the first three or Archon’s D&L campaings in various states from clipped and cleaned through to just taken off the sprues to fit in the trays. The photos in order contain:

  1. Fantasy:
    The single biggest part of the collection as this has been the focus of much they have brought out. This is possible the least immediate part of the set as I’m not really finding to for RP at the moment but then again, am I not finding the time because I don’t have a pile of neat terrain to inspire myself into getting a game together?
  2. Sci-fi:
    A smaller set as this hasn’t really come back since the original campaign. There is one thing that might make this a bit more exciting: Sci-fi Skirmish games.
    Having laid this stuff out I am suddenly reminded of the likes of Necromunda and Kill Team’s Into the Dark rules. Both games that work well in internal spaces that these could be built to cover. I’ve never brought these to the club due to their incomplete nature but I reckon they could be a fun addition.
  3. Miniatures:
    Archon have done a wide variety of miniatures along with campaigns from Giants to Kobolds to Townsfolk to Phoenixes to Dragons. This is a big pile of them.
    Again, this is more RP that Wargame so may be more towards the end given my goal here but who knows, maybe they can come in as a palette cleanser at some point.
  4. Scatter:
    Scatter for both Terrain (the one with more) and Sci-fi (the one with less), Like the Miniatures, these have been scattered across the campaigns Archon has done. I don’t know if I’ll tackle these as there own things or try and do them with their respective terrain sets, I shall have to see.
  5. The Connectors:
    So, so many connectors. Last priority as they are hidden underneath anyway. I suspect if I do end up expanding my D&L terrain in the future, the connectors from those sets will just never be clipped as I doubt I’ll ever want to use every single piece at the same time and there is already so many here.

As suggested, I am unsure how much of a priority this lot will be up front as their use is less immediately beneficial to the club setting but maybe some of the Sci-fi stuff if people are feeling up to some rounds of claustrophobic space shoot outs.

And speaking of Archon…


The Prologue - The Pile Part 1

Where as Dungeons & Lasers is Archon’s small building inside and out more Roleplay targeted range, Rampart is their more traditional big pieces of line of sight blocking for Wargaming targeted range.

This is from their latest Kickstarter where I picked up four styles (the Ethereal Cathedral, the Temple of the Operators, the Kazumi Temple and the City Ruins). This is just a big old pile of modular walls, lifted floors, some stairs and gubbins to stick out of said walls.

This one has real potential for the club as line of site chunks of ruins is the typical type of terrain for the current set of Warhammer 40,000 (and being a gaming club this is off course our most played game being the biggest fish in our niche of a pond). I think some of this is likely to be prioritised sooner rather than later.

On to Part 2

And seeing as I am running out of content slots, this just became a two part post.

The Prologue - Intro

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As many of us do at this time of year, we look over our Piles of Potential and wonder, “what is it that we want to get done and ready to play with”. This year, I have answered this question with “Terrain”.

For context, I run a small local gaming club and over the last two and a bit years I have gathered not insignificant pile of club terrain which is a mix of my own, things donated from members and things acquired specifically for others to use. However, as I am sure many of us are familiar with, over that time the ideas have outpaced the action on getting this stuff built and painted and ready for use.

To this end I have already been through the garage and sorted all my boxes of stuff and worked out all the stuff that wants for some work.
From this I intend to set myself weekly (or maybe fortnightly for some of the big stuff) goals and then reporting back on this project as a means of keeping myself going. These might not all be the greatest amount of progress as I do have some regular mini stuff still going on but these might turn up in posts as well. The goal at the end of the day will be to get to a place where I have more toys ready to play with than before.

Next Post

Looking at the Pile as it stands and setting goals for the first week.

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