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Runestone: Six Gun Ragnarok

Runestone: Six Gun Ragnarok

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About the Project

As a serial procrastinator of projects, this is a campaign design blog..I guess..

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Building the Autumn West

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Signs, Signs, everywhere there's signs

My freehanding skills suck. A lot.

I can look at my screen while drawing on a wacom tablet, but if I have to actually look at what Im painting, it doesnt work. Brains are weird.

So I figured the easiest way, for me, to get the Storefront signage that I wanted was to just print it.

Some quick measurements of the Great Escape Games storefront facades, and a quick sketch in Inkscape to get the sizing right.

Just a quick rectangle, and then a circle, each of the appropriate size.

Select both shapes, Then just align them to be centered.


Building the Autumn West

Then Path>Union to merge them into a single shape

I wanted my text to match the arch of top of the facade so I needed to do a few extra steps.


Next was to select the corner node and the node at the base of the semi-circle, and the break the path. and then repeat on the other side.



Building the Autumn West

I then deleted all the nodes except the 3 points that make up the arch.

I then type out the text I want, select the font, and scale it to approximately the size I wanted.

I make sure that the Text is set to Centered. If you dont center your text, the text will not flow along the arch correctly.

Building the Autumn West

Next I just tweak the arched path a bit until the flow of the text looks good, I type out the lower text, double checking against my original shape to make sure it looks ok. I convert each text to an object using Path>Object to Path

Once the tow texts are converted to paths, I delete everything but the text. and save the svg (you should save a master before you delete everything.)


Building the Autumn West

from there, I take the svg, import it into Tinkercad, not that its the best, just that its the fastest and easiest to explain to other, I set the height of the imported svg to 0.6mm. I then connect the letters with some 0.2mm basic shapes. merge it all together, export the .stl, and the.  print on my FDM printer.

A dab of superglue, and I can paint up custom facades without having to freehand anything.

All told it takes me about 3 minutes to get from inkscape to the 3d printer, and then about 10 minutes to print.


Your mileage may very,


Building the Autumn West
Building the Autumn West

Have Rune, Will Travel

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Trait: Seidkona
Seiðr is the potent and a powerful art of blending rare ingredients with the thaumaturgic essences of the arcane.

formulations are crafted before the game starts, each potion is a single use effect. Each model may only benefit from a single effect a time. Using a Seiðr creation takes 1 action.

Concoctions not used during a game remain in the Aett’s cache and can be used in the next game. If a model is knocked Out of Action, regardless of the outcome of the Post Game Out of Action rolls, any elixirs carried are lost or destroyed.

Each purchase of the Siedkona trait allows the witch to brew additional formulas between games; as well as, increasing the Potency of recipes.
1 – 3 formulas
X2 – 3 formulas, Potency 2
X3 – 5 formulas. Potency 3

Seidkona begin the campaign with 4 formulas

Have Rune, Will Travel

Elixir of Fortitude
“The brave shall live and the coward shall die; in every deed let him who dares act courageously.”
This elixir fortifies the drinker’s resolve, making them nearly impervious to harm for a brief time.
Effect: Grants -1 to all Wound rolls made against this model this turn.
Potency :
2 – effect ends after their next activation.
3 – as above, model also grants +1 to any Recovery rolls made by this model for the duration.

Potion of Swiftness
“Quickly shall he learn who seeks, for himself, success in every matter.”
A draught that imbues the user with the speed of the wind, allowing them to outpace their foes.
Effect: Move an additional 3 inches this turn.
2 – move an addition 5 inches.
3 – as above, also ignores terrain penalties

“The sword age, the wind age, the wolf age; ere the world falls, no man will spare another.”
A volatile concoction that bursts into flames, engulfing all nearby in searing fire.
Effect: see Grenades (p.33 Core Rule Book), Blast 3. Roll d10, on a 3+ place 1 Fire Marker (p.23 Core Rule Book)
2 – As above, Blast 5
3 – As above, No roll needed for fire starting, place 2 Fire Markers

Healing Salve
“The gift which to all men, graciously, gods give for the betterment of the soul.”
A soothing balm that heals wounds and restores vitality to the injured.
Effect: Heal 1 wound, can be used on self or another model in base contact
2 – Heal 2 wounds
3 – Fully Heal this model, and remove any Shock markers.

Smoke Bomb
“Hidden are treasures, buried are riches, in the field of war.”
A small device that releases a thick, obscuring smoke, blocking line of sight with noxious smoke
Effect: As Smoke Grenades (p34 CRB), but those who enter the cloud suffer 1 Shock
2 – As above, smoke dissipates on 8+
3 – As above, 2 Shock

Stone Skin Tonic
“Stone, shall my sinews become, until the fight is done.”
This tonic hardens the skin to the toughness of rock, making the user nigh invulnerable.
Effect: Gain Armored trait until end of turn.
2 – As above, Heavy Armor
3 – as above, no penalties for heavy armor.

Lightning Phial
“The flashing of fire from the storm’s hand, to cleave the dark.”
A vial containing the essence of a storm, lightning crackles around the users fists
Effect: changes the user’s Close Combat to d12
2 – as above gain +1 to CC roll
3 – roll 2d12 in CC, choose 1.

Frost Grenade
“Cold were the waves, when the frost from the north came over the sea.”
A chilling explosive that releases a burst of freezing air, hindering the movements of those caught in its blast.
Effect: See Grenades (p33 CRB). Blast 5. Reduces the distance of next Move Action for any models caught under the template by 2”.
2 – as above, next Move action is Halved.
3 – Models may not make Move Actions during their next Activation.

Tincture of Giant Strength
“A giant came there, riding with great strength, and the mighty gods were struck with terror.”
This powerful brew imbues the drinker with immense strength, turning them into a fearsome combatant.
Effect: grants the Strong until the end of the turn
2 – as above, lasts until the end of the models next activation
3 – as above, grants +2 to Wound rolls in Close Combat.

Invisibility Potion
“Hidden from the eyes of men, the shadow walks unseen.”
A rare potion that renders the user invisible, allowing them to move unseen by enemies.
Effect: User becomes Hidden and cannot be targeted until the end of the turn. User loses Hidden if they Move, Shoot, or engage in CC.
2 – as above, model may Move
3 – as above, model may Shoot

Valiant Flask
“A wall, unseen yet firm, protects the valiant heart.”
This potion imbues its user with surge of courage beyond measure.
Effect: Remove 1 Shock marker.
2 – Remove 2 Shock
3 – As Above, cannot gain Shock markers for the rest of the turn.

Essence of Clarity
“Clearer than the morning light, the wise perceive all things.”
A mystical aromatic brew that sharpens the mind, enhancing senses with preternatural acuity.
Effect: May target magically Hidden models within Line of Sight, and target Creeping models with no penalty.
2 – All models within 1” of the user gain the above effect.
3 – as above, all models within 3”

Gleam of the Myrkwood
“In the dark of night, troll eyes see true.”
This potion grants the ability to see in darkness, revealing hidden foes.
Effect: grants the user Night Vision trait for 2 turns.
2 – as above until end of game
3 – Grants the Myrkisyni trait until end of game.

Venom Vial
“Foul is the venom, and deadly the bite.”
A vial of potent poison is spilled across the weapon, adding to it’s deadly nature.
Effect: A close combat weapon gains the *Poison/Venom trait for its next attack.
2 – The trait remains until a Wound is made
3 – The trait remains until the End of the Game. Player loses 2 RP

Featherfall Cordial
“The eagle moves with great speed, but its feathers fall with grace.”
A light potion that negates fall damage and grants enhanced agility.
Effect: Prevents fall damage until end of turn.
2 – as above, and grants Leaper trait
3 – as above, until end of game.

Tonic of Fury
“but his own men went without armor, were as mad as dogs or wolves, bit their shields, and were as strong as bears or wild bulls. They killed people, and neither fire nor iron could hurt them.”
This tonic fills the drinker with unbridled rage, enhancing their combat prowess.
Effect: Grants the Bloodthirsty trait for the remainder of the game.
2 – as above and Street Fighter. Model goes Out of Action at the end of the game.
3 – as above and *Impervious. Model goes Out of Action at end of 3 turns.

Water Breathing Lotion
“Deep beneath the waves, is Aegir’s Gleaming Hall”
A magical lotion that enables the user to breathe underwater and move unimpeded.
Effect: Grants the Amphibious trait until the end of the game.
2 – as above, but model can remain underwater when swimming, thus being untargetable from the surface.
3 – As above, but model moves at 8” in deep water.

Dragonfire Elixir
“From the wyrm’s maw, comes death.
A potent elixir that grants the user the ability to breathe fire, scorching everything in their path.
Effect: use the Small Flame Template (see Templates), any model half or more under the template is hit. Roll to Wound any models hit.
2 – As above, roll a d10 for each model hit, on a 8+, that model is set On Fire!.
3 – As above, models are set On Fire! on 5+

On Fire!: At the end of the turn, roll a d10 for any model that is On Fire!
1-4: Fire goes out;
5-8: Model remains On Fire!;
9-10: Model remains On Fire!, and roll to Wound
Models that are On Fire! can use 2 action to put the fire out. Alternatively moving into deep water or going prone in shallow water will extinguish the flames.

Have Rune, Will Travel

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Trait: Runristare

Carving runes takes time, each one must be carefully cut. To cut the runes is not the mere act of inscribing the symbols. It is wrestling eldritch trolldom into shape, binding it’s puissance to form and effect. This arcane ritual cannot be done during a game.

Runes are carved before the game starts, each runic binding is a single use effect. Each model that does not have the Runristare trait may only carry a single rune at a time. Runristare may carry an unlimited number of runes. Using a Rune does not use any of the model’s Actions.

Runes not used during a game remain in the Aett’s cache and can be used in the next game. If a model is knocked Out of Action, regardless of the outcome of the Post Game Out of Action rolls, any runes carried are lost or destroyed.
Each purchase of the Runristare trait allows the carver to inscribe new runes between games.
1 – 3 Runes
X2 – 5 Runes
X3 – 7 Runes

Runristare begin the campaign with three runes.

Have Rune, Will Travel

Fortune’s Blessing
Rune: Fehu (ᚠ)
“For the horse, a good reputation; for the person, a good name.”
Channel the blessings of wealth and prosperity.
Effect: Gain an additional Renown Point at the end of the game in which this rune is carried.

Ursine Vigor
Rune: Uruz (ᚢ)
“Strong is the arm that strikes with courage, bold is the heart that beats with honor.”
Infuse the target with primal strength.
Effect: bearer of this rune gains the Strong trait for this game.

Stout Heart
Rune: Thurisaz (ᚦ)
“Better it is to have a stout heart always than to fret over your luck.”
Call upon Thor’s mighty protection to shield from harm.
Effect: Force an opponent to re-roll 1 dice.

Wisdom’s Insight
Rune: Ansuz (ᚨ)
“Know, if you want to be wise, how to live well, that you will never have to doubt in old age, and pay little heed to what fools say.”
Tap into ancient wisdom for strategic advantage.
Effect: Use this rune to Re-Roll any 1 dice.

Hasten The Journey
Rune: Raidho (ᚱ)
“The lame can ride horse, the handless drive cattle; the deaf can fight and do well; better blind than burnt, a corpse is of no use to anyone.”
Swiften the pace of travel, hastening your forces.
Effect: Using this rune allows this model to make 1 addition move action this turn.

Creative Insight
Rune: Kenaz (ᚲ)
“The spark of creation lies within each of us, waiting to be kindled into flame.”
Illuminate the path to innovation and discovery.
Effect: Gain +2 to a Task roll.

Gebo’s Grace
Rune: Gebo (ᚷ)
“They are unduly severe who take no joy in a battle; let the proud man make the first advance, for no man can be called brave who is afraid of himself.”
Feel the glowing rush of the Raven’s Feast, bolstering morale.
Effect: Remove all Shock markers from this model.

Banner of Victory
Rune: Wunjo (ᚹ)
“Raising his banner called Landøyðan, and there so strong an attack was made by him that nothing held against it”
The rune glows with a potent aura of victory
Effect: All friendly units within 12 inches remove 1 Shock marker.

“Storm-runes know well, if thou wilt calm the wrathful sea…”
Rune: Hagalaz (ᚺ)
The skies open with a torrential down pour, the churning mud makes for treacherous footing
Effect: place three Blast 3 templates on the ground, marking areas of difficult terrain. These remains for the rest of the game.

Whispering Shadows
Rune: Nauthiz (ᚾ)
“Grettir stood alone on the frozen ground when he heard whispering voices in the wind, sounds that came like breath from distant worlds.”
Whispers of ancient evils fills the air, and chills the bone
Effect: Target suffers -1 to their next attack roll this round. This is a -2 at night or in low-light conditions.

Rune: Isa (ᛁ)
“..then become so cold that he could not move because of the frost, and he greatly dreaded these days.”
Envelop the enemy in biting cold, slowing their movements.
Effect: Target suffers -3” to their next Move action this turn.

Greed’s Folly
Rune: Jera (ᛃ)
“For the proud and greedy man, even if he gains wealth, is rarely wise who has riches.”
Wealth and wisdom are unrelated attributes.
Effect: Remove 2 Renown Points from an opponent.

Nastrond’s Feast
Rune: Eihwaz (ᛇ)
“A tree without branches does not grow, but a tree without roots cannot stand.”
Uproot an opponent, knocking them to the ground.
Effect: Target is knocked prone.

Rune: Perthro (ᛈ)
“And Eirik took to his gambling, and Snorri the Priest and Thorbrand joined him. The game brought little profit. Thorarin the Good won much from him.”
Maybe you’ll have better luck next time.
Effect: Re-roll any one die roll this turn.

Guardian’s Ward
Rune: Algiz (ᛉ)
“Stoutness is good if it comes to a fight, but a shield is better for those who lack stoutness.”
Summon forth a protective barrier against enemy attacks.
Effect: This model ignores the first Wound it receives.

Solar Radiance
Rune: Sowilo (ᛊ)
“Sun it is called among men, but Shine among the gods.”
Harness the power of the sun to illuminate and empower.
Effect: Place a Blast 5 marker within 12” and line of sight of the model. For the remainder of the game this area is fully lit as though it was High Noon. Models with the Sun Blind trait receive 1 Shock marker for being inside the area of effect.

Rune: Tiwaz (ᛏ)
“Then the friends of Eysteinn said that Irpa Haiminsdóttir, had granted them victory.”
The war force of the Tyr unleashed, granting unmatched skill in battle.
Effect: Gain +2 to attack rolls until the end of the turn.

Rune: Berkano (ᛒ)
I shall not live long, but still I will be reborn, and soon I will be happy again, where once I was wise.
Recover from your injuries with ease
Effects: If this model is knock Out of Action this game, they make a full recovery.

Equine Swiftness
Rune: Ehwaz (ᛖ)
Swifter than a horse’s gallop are the runes in Fimbulþulr’s mouth
Unleash the speed of the steed, swift as the wind.
Effect: Your Move actions are 8” this turn.

Kinship’s Strength
Rune: Mannaz (ᛗ)
“Mankind is the augmentation and foundation of the world, the mightiest of mankind and the greatest of treasures.”
Unite in strength, drawing upon the collective will.
Effect: All friendly Humans within 6” gain +1 to their Close Combat rolls until the end of the turn.

River’s Flow
Rune: Laguz (ᛚ)
“One is called Fjolnir; He is mightiest of all rivers.”
Embrace the fluidity of movement, adapting to the current.
Effect: Ignore all terrain penalties this turn

Yngvi’s Line
Rune: Ingwaz (ᛜ)
“Lo, there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning”
The Ynglings go ever unbroken from the beginning, to the very end.
Effect: Heal 3 wounds

Rune: Dagaz (ᛞ)
Day, the bright light of the gods; it is a joy and hope for men, a source of good health.
Dawn is an auspicious time, Vaettir fear the transition from night to day
Effect: Vaettir may not attack you this turn.

Yggdrasil’s Roots
Rune: Othala (ᛟ)
“Yggdrasil’s roots bind all realms, offering sanctuary and strength to those who stand beneath its branches.”
Invoke the ancient tree’s protection, anchoring yourself to the earth.
Effect: You can not be pushed or knocked prone for the rest of the turn.

Have Rune, Will Travel

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Trait: Galdrakarl
Casting a Galdr requires the model to speak, chant, sing, etc, loud and clear. Models that attempt to cast a Galdr immediately lose any benefits of Creeping or Hiding, as they bellow the words of power, drawing attention to themselves.

Each subsequent taking of the Galdrakarl trait reduces the difficulty of speaking the words of power and increases the number of spells available per game. Spells can be cast multiple times, but the spells available to choose for each game is limited by the number of times the Galdrakarl trait has been taken.
1 – Hard Task, 2 spells per game
x2 – Regular Task, 3 spells per game
x3 – Easy Task, 4 spells per game

Have Rune, Will Travel

“A countenance of terror I bore up before all folk'”
– Völsunga saga, Chapter 18
Invoking the terrible power of the Helm of Awe, this chant instills fear and trepidation in the hearts of enemies, leaving them vulnerable to onslaught.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a target within line of sight. That target gains 1 Shock.

Auð’s Wisdom
Auð the Deep-Minded was wise beyond measure, guiding her people through dark times with her insight.
– Laxdæla saga
Tapping into the profound wisdom of Auðr the Deep-Minded, this lay grants clarity and guidance, allowing allies to see through deception and act with precision.
Actions: 1
Effect: Choose a friendly model within 6”. Until the start of your next turn, that model sees through illusions, and cannot be mesmerized, tricked, or deceived.

Blood Song
“Egil recited the incantation, and blood flowed as freely as his words.”
– Egils saga Skallagrímssonar,Chapter 44
Drawing upon the dark and powerful curses, this incantation unleashes a torrent of destructive energy, cutting through flesh with ease.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a target within line of sight. That target suffers 1 Wound.

Fafnir’s Bane
“With a thrust to the heart, Sigurd became Fafnir’s bane, ending the dragon’s terror.”
– Völsunga saga, Chapter 18
Channeling the legendary feat of Sigurd, this recitation imbues a attack with the power to pierce through the toughest of defenses, ensuring the shot finds its mark.
Actions: 1
Effect: Your next attack action ignores armor.

Freyja’s Call
“Where Freyja decrees who shall have seats in the hall.”
– Grímnismál
Embracing the power of Freyja, this cry fills allies with courage and vigor, inspiring them to fight fiercely and without fear.
Actions: 1
Effect: All allies within 6” remove 1 shock.

Frigg’s Embrace
“she is established as keeper over those men whom Frigg desires to preserve from any danger”
– Gylfaginning, p.47
Drawing upon the protective embrace of the queen of Asgard, this song shields allies from harm, granting them resilience against enemy attacks.
Actions: 1
Effect: Choose a friendly model within 6”. That model gains Light Armor until their next activation.

Gullinbursti Charge
“Battle-skilled Freyr rides first to the funeral pyre of the son of Óðinn on the boar bristled with gold”
– Húsdrápa , Stanza 7
Channeling the swift power of Gullinbursti, the golden boar, this intonation propels the caster forward with unstoppable force, crashing into enemies and leaving devastation in their wake.
Actions: 2
Effect: This model moves 6” in a straight line, all models within 2” of this model as it moves along it’s path are knocked prone.

“when the Wolf lashed out, the fetter became hardened; and the more he struggled against it, the tighter the band was..”
– Gylfaginning , chapter 34
Invoking the impossible fetter, this dirge ensnares an enemy in spectral bonds, rendering them immobile and vulnerable to attack.
Actions: 1
Effect: Choose a target in line of sight, and within 8”. That model cannot make a move action this turn.

Heimdall’s Vigil
“How should one periphrase Heimdallr? By calling him Son of Nine Mothers, or Watchman of the Gods”
– Skáldskaparmál, Chapter 8
Channeling the ever-watchful gaze of Heimdall, this call heightens the senses of allies, allowing them to perceive threats from afar and react with lightning speed.
Actions: 1
Effect: Choose a friendly model within 6 inches. Until that model’s next activation they gain the Dodge trait (Core Rule Book p.26)

Iðunn’s Rejuvenation
“But the Æsir became straitened at the disappearance of Idunn, and speedily they became hoary and old”
– Skáldskaparmál, Chapter 1
Drawing on the life-giving power of Idunn’s apples, this verse heals allies, mending their wounds and restoring their strength.
Actions: 1
Effect: Choose a friendly model within 6”. That model recovers 1 Wound.

Skathi’s Frost
“Skadi, the daughter of the giant Thjazi, took helm and birnie and all weapons of war and proceeded to Ásgard, to avenge her father”
– Skáldskaparmál, Chapter 56
Calling upon the chill of the winter goddess, this hymn blankets the battlefield in ice and frost, hindering the movement of foes and slowing their advance.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a 3” diameter area within line of sight. For the remainder of the game that area is blanketed in treacherous ice, all movement through that area is halved.

Skuld’s Foresight
“Laws they made there, and life allotted
To the sons of men, and set their fates.”
– Völuspá, Stanza 20
Calling upon Skuld, the Norn who governs the future, this wailing chant grants the caster deep insight into the future, revealing what is hidden.
Actions: 2
Effect: At the start of your next turn, draw 1 extra card, and then discard a card of your choosing.

Thor’s Hammer
“Louder than a wolf thou cryest, If a blow of my hammer thou hast.”
– Hárbarðsljóð, Stanza 47
Unleashing the mighty wrath of Thor, this cry brings forth a thunderous strike that devastates enemies.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a point within 12” and line of sight. Place a Blast 3 template over that point. Any figures (not base) at least half under the template is hit by the blast. Roll on the Wound chart for each.

Tyrfing’s Touch
“It could never be held unsheathed without being the death of a man.”
– Hervarar Saga og Heiðreks
Invoking the malevolent power of Tyrfing, this invocation curses the enemy, ensuring their doom with an unerring strike.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a target within 8” until that model’s next activation, all wound rolls made against them gain +1

Víðarr’s Vengeance
“And this shall Viðar avenge”
– Vafthrúdnismál, Stanza 53
Channeling the silent strength of Víðarr, this spell delivers a powerful blow to those who have wronged the caster.
Actions: 2
Effect: Choose a target within 12” and line of sight. That target suffers 1 Wound, if it has previously wounded any of your models this turn.

Have Rune, Will Travel
Have Rune, Will Travel

Have Rune, Will Travel

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In the vast expanse of The Autumn West, where the sun sets in a blaze of crimson and the wind whispers secrets of old, magic intertwines with the rugged frontier, creating a tapestry of mysticism and adventure. Here, amidst the sprawling plains and towering mountains, where the echoes of the wild west meet the echoes of ancient mythology, a unique blend of enchantment thrives: the symphony of Runamal, Galdr, and Seiðr.

Runamal, the ancient art of runic magic, weaves through the very fabric of this world. Carved into stones and etched into ancient tomes, runes pulsate with power, channeling the essence of creation itself. From the depths of the earth to the far reaches of the heavens, these symbols harness the primal forces of nature, shaping destinies and altering the course of history with but a carving.

Yet, amidst the howling winds and thundering hooves, the words of power resonate with a potent force of their own. Galdr, the magic of incantations and chants, fills the air with a melody of arcane resonance. Through spoken word and song, practitioners wield the very language of creation, commanding fire and ice, life and death, to dance to their will. In the heart of battle or in the quiet solitude of arid plains, the Words of Power echo, carrying with them the promise of both salvation and ruin.

And then, there is Seiðr, the alchemy of the hidden world, where potions brew and elixirs simmer in cauldrons of ancient design. From the healing draughts that mend wounds to the noxious brews that bring forth curses, Seiðr is both art and science, a delicate balance of nature’s bounty and folks’ ingenuity. In the hands of the wise and the cunning, these elixirs hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of life itself, granting strength and resilience to those who dare to seek its secrets.

In The Autumn West, where the boundaries between the mundane and the mythical blur, where the spirits of the land whisper ancient tales of glory and loss, the forces of Runamal, Galdr, and Seiðr converge in a dance as old as time itself. And within this dance lies the promise of untold adventure and boundless possibility, waiting to be discovered by those brave enough to seek it.

Each Aett may include a maximum of One Magic User at the start of the Campaign.


Have Rune, Will Travel

Paths of Magic

There is one Trait for each path of Magic.

Galdr – Galdrakarl
Runamal – Runristare
Seiðr – Seidkona
Each Trait can be taken up to Three Times, granting bonuses detailed in each Path.

The Gandramaestari and Heir to the One-Eyed, traits allow models access to additional Paths of Magic. Note that taking one of these Traits does not convey the Trait for another path, only access to it.

The Renown expenditures to to master a path, much less multiple, are quite steep. The Allfather himself paid dearly for his secret knowledge.

Have Rune, Will Travel

Have Rune, Will Travel

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Cool Nerves and Harsh Words

The saloon, its wooden sign creaking in the wind, beckoned the weary and the wicked alike. Inside, the air was thick with the scent of sweat, whiskey, and the tension that always accompanied high-stakes poker.

Eamon Blackthorn, a man of quiet menace and piercing eyes, sat at a corner table. His reputation as an outlaw preceded him, but tonight, it was his skill at cards that drew the crowd’s attention. He adjusted his wide-brimmed hat and ran a calloused hand through his raven-black hair. His eyes, sharp and alert, missed nothing.

Across the table sat Lucas Hargrave, a local rancher with a quick temper and quicker trigger finger. The pile of coins between them had grown substantial, and the eyes of the saloon’s patrons were glued to the unfolding drama. Eamon’s gaze never wavered as he glanced at his cards, then at Lucas.

“Your move, Hargrave,” Eamon said, his voice as cold and smooth as a winter river.

Hargrave’s face twisted into a sneer. “All in,” he growled, shoving his remaining coins into the pot. Eamon nodded, a faint smile playing on his lips. He leaned back in his chair, confident in the cards he held.

The patrons held their breath as Eamon revealed his hand—a straight flush. Hargrave’s eyes widened in disbelief. The tension in the room thickened as Hargrave’s face turned a dangerous shade of red.

“You cheated!” Hargrave spat, standing abruptly, his chair toppling over. “Nobody beats me that clean.”

Eamon stood slowly, his hand hovering near his hip. “Careful, Lucas. Accusations like that can get a man killed.”

Hargrave’s eyes blazed with fury, and he reached for the knife at his belt. The room seemed to hold its breath as the two men faced off.

Eamon and Hargrave circled each other. Hargrave’s movements were swift and unpredictable, his knife flashing in the dim light of the saloon. Eamon remained calm, his eyes locked on his opponent’s every move.

With a sudden burst of speed, Hargrave lunged forward, his blade aimed directly at Eamon’s chest. Eamon reacted instinctively, stepping aside just in time to avoid the deadly strike. But Hargrave was relentless, pressing the attack with ferocious intensity.

Eamon danced away from each blow, his movements fluid, but Hargrave’s skill was undeniable. The rancher’s strikes came fast and hard. The tension in the room was palpable, each refusing to yield an inch of ground.

In a desperate move, Eamon managed to disarm Hargrave, sending his knife clattering across the floor. But the rancher was undeterred, reaching for a second blade hidden in his boot with lightning speed. Before Eamon could react, Hargrave was upon him once more, his face twisted with rage.

As the two men clashed in a whirlwind of steel and fury, Eamon felt a surge of power coursing through him. With every breath, he drew strength from the visions of terrible, hungry winds ripping across a frozen plain.

His eyes blazed with an eerie blue light, glowing with a fierce intensity. The patrons gasped, some recoiling in fear, others watching in awe. Hargrave, momentarily stunned by the sight, hesitated, giving Eamon the opening he needed.

With a booming voice, Eamon chanted the galdr, the words of power echoed through the room:

Far þú frá mér!

Eamon raised his hand, and with a forceful gesture, he sent a shockwave of energy towards Hargrave, slamming him against the wall. The rancher crumpled, his eyes wide with fear and pain.

“It’s over,” Eamon said softly, his voice reverberating with power. “Yield.”

Hargrave, his spirit broken and his body battered, finally nodded. “I yield,” he whispered, barely audible.

Eamon nodded, the glow fading from his eyes. The saloon slowly came back to life, the patrons whispering amongst themselves as they returned to their seats. Eamon turned to the barkeep and tossed a a five dollar coin onto the counter. “A round for the house. On me.”

A cheer erupted, and the tension dissolved into a festive atmosphere. As Eamon gathered his winnings and prepared to leave, he caught the eye of a fair woman watching him from the shadows.

We will talk. The words were not spoken aloud, they were seared into his mind with a burning intensity that made him nauseous.

“Fuck.” Eamon cursed under his breath. He turned tipping his hat, “Miss Yridel, long time no see…”

The Good, The Bad, and The Loki

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Below you will find a collection of monsters, creatures and other denizens of the Autumn West. We highly encourage you to look through many of the other Fistful of Lead books by Wiley Games for additional creatures, rules, and inspiration. Page numbers in this chapter refer to Fistful of Lead Core Rule Book.

The Good, The Bad, and The Loki

Driven by unending rage, the Aptrgangr are vengeful spirits that return to the world of the living to exact revenge. Their twisted forms and terrifying strength make them formidable opponents.
Move: 6
Close Combat: d8/d10/d12
Shoot: –
Wounds: 4
Bloodthirsty (p.26),
Frenzied Assault: Aptrgangr’s Close Combat dice increase one tier each time they suffer a wound to a max of d12

Cactus Golem
Formed from the hardy cacti of the desert, these golems are animated by ancient magic. Their spiny bodies are tough and resilient, making them formidable defenders of the barren landscapes they call home.
Move: 4
Close Combat: d10
Shoot: d8
Wounds: 6
Impervious (p.27),
Thorny Exterior: is never considered unarmed in close combat
Thorn Launcher: Treat as pistol.

Once lawless bandits, these revenants return from beyond the grave to reclaim what was lost in life. Clad in tattered garb and bearing a hunger for flesh ripped from the bone by their bare hands, they stalk the dusty trails of the frontier, seeking vengeance on those who wronged them.
Move: 5
Close Combat: 12
Shoot: –
Wounds: 6
Blood Thirsty (p.26), Ferocious (p.26)
Unshakable: This model never gains shock markers.

Gunnlod’s Brood
Born of Gunnlod, the guardian of the Mead of Poetry, these spectral beings haunt the desolate canyons of the West. Their shimmering forms glide through the night, echoing the whispers of forgotten verses. They strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest cowboys, their ethereal touch chilling to the bone.
Move: 6
Close Combat: d10
Shoot: –
Wounds: 3
Ethereal Presence: Can move through obstacles and models.
Whisper of the Norns: All enemy models within 6” suffer a -2 penalty to close combat rolls. Einheri do not suffer this penalty, as they have already drank the Mead of Poetry.

Ironclad Jotunn
Towering over the landscape like a mountain of iron, the Ironclad Jotunn strides across the West with earth-shaking footsteps. Clad in armor forged in the heart of Nidavellir, it wields a colossal weapon of war with ease, its every strike sending shock-waves rippling through the earth. To face this behemoth is to challenge the very forces of nature itself.
Move: 5
Close Combat: d12
Shoot: d8
Wounds: 8
Titanic Strength: This model gains +2 to any wound rolls made in close combat. As well as +2 to knock down door, or walls, and can carry Team Weapons
Colossal: This model’s size makes them an easy target, enemies shoot at this model gain a +3 on their Shooting roll.
Armor: This model wears Heavy Armor (p.36)

These monstrous beings are the result of dark curses and desperate hunger. The Wendigo stalks the wilderness with insatiable hunger, its emaciated form belied by its terrifying strength and speed.
Move: 10
Close Combat: d10
Shoot: –
Wounds: 6
Thundering Charge(p.29), Ferocious(p.26)
Cannibal’s Curse: regains a wound whenever it takes another model Out of Action in close combat.

Wyrm of the Badlands
From the depths of the scorched earth, the Wyrm of the Badlands emerges, a slithering terror of fangs and venom. This monstrous serpent, coils and strikes with lightning speed, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Its scales gleam in the harsh desert sun, a warning to all who dare to cross its path.
Move: 5
Close Combat: d12
Shoot: –
Wounds: 3
Armored Scales: the Wyrm’s scales count as Light Armor. (p.36)
Venom (p.28)
Fangs: counts as a knife in close combat

The restless spirits of children who had died unbaptized or unwanted, often abandoned or murdered, their souls twisted by anguish and rage, the Utburd are now debased and filled with malice. Their eyes burn with an unnatural fire, and they move with eerie purpose.
Move: 5
Close Combat: 12
Shoot: –
Wounds: 2
Impervious (p.27), Small (p.28), Cold Blooded (p.26)
Shadow Walker: Gains gains Sprinter (p.27) trait at night or in low-light conditions.

Larger and more ferocious than any normal wolf, the Vargr prowls the untamed wilderness of the Autumn West, its eyes glowing with a predatory intelligence. With muscles rippling beneath its shaggy fur and fangs as sharp as knives, it is the embodiment of the wild, untamed spirit of the frontier. Whether stalking its prey in the dead of night or launching a furious attack at dawn, the Vargr is a force of nature that few can hope to survive. Its howl, echoing through the canyons and forests, sends a shiver down the spine of all who hear it, a harbinger of the savage beast that lies in wait.
Move: 6
Close Combat: d10
Shoot: –
Wounds: 4
Sprinter (p.28), Large (p.27), Flurry of Blows (p.27)
Fangs: counts as a knife in close combat.

The Good, The Bad, and The Loki

Other Fistful of Lead titles that may be quick and easy sources of monsters and other denizens suitable for the Autumn West.

Fistful of Lead Fantasy Book III: Monsters and Mazes.
The Manual of Monster in this book contains rules for an absolute mother lode of rules monsters and baddies to utilize in your games.

Fistful of Lead Tales of Horror
Rules for a plethora of Victorian baddies: Vampires, Cultists, Werewolves, Necromancers, and more!

Fistful of Lead Reloaded 2nd Edition
There is a certain irony that Runestone uses the Core Rule Book as its basis, when a book dedicated to the wild west exists.

Fistful of Lead Wasteland Warriors
Post-apocalyptic rules for FfoL, featuring mutations, and a menagerie of suitable creatures.

The Good, The Bad, and The Loki

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Little Hell on the Prairie

John had been shot in the gut, he had fought to survive for three days. She prays every night that he was Chosen. He was so brave, so strong, the Choosers of the Slain had to have picked him, they just had to have.

She is all alone in the cold and in the dark. Her husband is the only family she has. Was. Was the only family she had. Their home, now her prison, soon her tomb. Winter set in, and though she put her every effort into it, she hadn’t secured enough firewood, the larder only had a third of what she needed for just herself. She didn’t know she was pregnant when John died.

Mr. Tolliver had offered her a job as a whore at his hotel in Whitby. Maybe she should’ve taken it. The Railway men who had accidentally shot her John when they were arguing with Mr Wilson in town, had offered her three hundred dollars. Three Hundred Dollars, and not even as an insulting recompense, they felt they were doing her a favor by offering to buy her land. Maybe she should’ve taken it. Pride. Pride told her she could work the farm herself. Pride told her she would be damned if they would buy his memory. No, it wasn’t pride, it was anger, and pain, and loss. She would keep their home and in that way, keep him alive. That was so many months ago, before she knew.

She had gotten sick that fall. Sickness had kept her out of the fields, malnutrition made her weak, weakness had made her efforts marginal. Winter came early. She was all alone, in the cold and in the dark. She wished she didn’t know. She wished she didn’t know so many things that she knew. Maybe it was for the best that John never knew. She had settled his gambling debts with Tolliver. She knew that it was not her John’s child inside her. She knew that neither her nor the child would survive the winter. She knew that the child would be here soon. She knew she could not, would not have this child in John’s home.

All alone, in the cold and in the dark, driven by the strength only a woman can know, fueled by the pain only a wife and a mother can feel, she walked out their home and along the fence line, as far as her bare swollen feet would carry her. The last thing she would come to know is the keening wail of a infant. All alone. In the cold. In the dark.


Charlie hated talking to widows, it was like chewing horseshoes. Strong as iron, nothing you could do to bend them, and you were probably going to loose a few teeth for your effort. He’d been with the Pinkertons for too damned many years now, and he’d rather arm-wrestle a Troll than try to browbeat a widow, they were forged on the anvil of pain. He’d set out from Whitby with young Tom, they were on the hunt for some missing Railmen. The word was they had made an offer in the fall and were back at first thaw, trying to purchase land from some widow up on the prairie. She’d probably shot them. Serves them right. He knows he would have, if he was her.

They had made it about half way to the farm when the clouds rolled in and the sky opened with a vengeance. The rain so heavy they lost the trail twice, it would be night by the time they made it the widow’s place. Dangerous that, arriving in the dark, unknown and unwelcome. On top of that, they were there to harass a widow about some damned railmen that were probably buried behind her barn.

If it wasn’t for the lightning, they might have missed the house entirely. No fire. No lanterns. Just a small house out on the prairie all alone, in the cold, and in the dark. They rode cautiously, Charlie having shared his concerns and opinions about widows with young Tom.

The door was open, the house was dark. Tom dug a lantern out of his saddle bags and managed to get it lit. They stepped into the home, Tom holding his lantern high. The bones in the center of room glowed under the orange light.

“What in the hell?” Tom whispered.

Charlie scanned to room quickly, his mind racing as he took in the scene. Coyote skull, various bones, claw marks on the floor. human skulls. Bear? He thought as he stepped back. Widow! It hit him like a slap in the face.

“Utburd!” he hissed, as turned and ran. Ran for all he was worth. There was silence behind him, and he knew that young Tom was already dead. When exhaustion finally caught up with him and he knew he couldn’t run any further, he hunkered down behind a rocky outcrop, his gun shaking wildly as he pointed it frantically all around him.

The wind carried a voice to his ears as he huddled in the rain, all alone, in the cold, and in the dark.

Móðir mín í kví, kví
kvíddu ekki því, því;
ég skal ljá þér duluna mína
duluna mína að dansa í,
ég skal ljá þér duluna mína
duluna mína að dansa í

The Good, The Bad, and The Loki

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

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A Fine Day for a Robbery

The sun blazed high over the dusty town of Wolf Creek, casting long shadows across the weathered buildings. The air was thick with the scent of leather and gunpowder, a typical afternoon in this rough-and-tumble frontier town. But today was different. Today, one of the most notorious outlaw gangs in the west was about to strike.

Jack, a gentleman bandit, adjusted his coat and tipped his hat to the gang assembled beside him. His refined manner and educated tone belied his reputation as a ruthless gunfighter. “Alright, folks,” he began, his voice smooth and calm. “We enter swiftly, secure the wealth, and depart without delay. Efficiency is paramount.”

Liora, the Alf, nodded, her sharp eyes scanning the street. “Understood. Quick and clean.”

Ivaldi, grunted his agreement, his thick stubby fingers checking the chamber of his Colt Peacemaker. “Just like the train job. We’ve got this.” Jack smiled inwardly, watching the stern Dverge fidget, knowing that once the dance starts, Ivaldi is a calm partner.

Elias “Boom-Boom” Sanchez, on the other hand, could be a bit too excitable at times. The skroggr cackled softly, his nimble fingers dancing over the handles of the matching set of No 2 revolvers holstered at his side. “Let’s make some noise.”

Tom, Jack’s younger brother, exchanged a glance with him, hands resting on his revolvers. “Ready when you are,” Tom said, his voice steady.

The gang moved in unison, their boots thudding on the wooden sidewalk. Jack pushed open the bank doors, his revolver held casually at his side. Inside, the bank was a picture of mundane activity – tellers counting bills, a few townsfolk making transactions. That mundane activity shattered as Jack fired a shot into the ceiling.

“Everyone down!” he commanded, his voice cutting through the sudden chaos. “Hands where I can see them!”

Ivaldi and Tom fanned out, revolvers drawn, herding the terrified customers and staff to the floor. Boom-Boom darted to the vault with practiced ease.

“Open the vault,” the Skroggr barked at the trembling manager. The man fumbled with the keys, his hands shaking so badly he could barely fit them into the lock.

Jack kept his revolver steady, his eyes cold and calculating. “Do hurry, good sir. Time is of the essence.”

Boom-Boom shoved the manager aside and finished unlocking the vault. “Got it!”

The heavy door swung open, revealing stacks of bills and bags of coins. Boom-Boom let out a gleeful laugh as he started loading the loot into sacks. “We’re rich!”

Suddenly, a shout echoed from outside. “This is Sheriff Blake! Come out with your hands up!”

Jack’s eyes narrowed. “Lawmen. Right on time.”

The tension in the bank skyrocketed. Tom moved to the windows, peering out cautiously. “They’ve got the place surrounded,” he muttered.

“Then it appears we shall have to make our exit under duress,” Jack said, his voice ice-cold. “Ivaldi, Elias, secure the currency. Miss Liora, would kindly clear an avenue for our departure?”

Ivaldi hefted two heavy sacks onto his shoulders as Boom-Boom scrambled to gather the rest. Jack and Tom took up positions by the windows, revolvers ready.

“On my signal,” Jack whispered, moving beside a window, as the elven sharp-shooter took to the door. He took a deep breath, steadying himself. “Now!”

The bank exploded into action. Liora burst through the doors, her lever action rifle spitting fire and hate as she picked off the deputies in her considerable line of sight. Ivaldi and Boom-Boom followed, laden with cash, while Jack and Tom provided cover, their guns barking in rapid succession.

Bullets whizzed through the air, splintering wood and shattering glass. The gang moved like a well-oiled machine, each member playing their part perfectly. Jack’s rapid firing pistols kept the lawmen hiding, his gentlemanly demeanor hiding a ruthless efficiency. Ivaldi’s stout frame barreled through the chaos, his revolver never missing its mark. Boom-Boom was a blur of motion, his small size making him a hard target. Liora and Tom worked in perfect harmony, covering everyone’s backs as they fired with deadly precision.

The aett made their way out of the bank and behind cover as they moved down the street, and out of town.

But the lawmen were relentless. Sheriff Blake himself stepped forward, a towering figure with a steel-cold gaze. “Give it up, Vargr!” he shouted, his voice booming over the din. “You’re surrounded!”

“Not today,” Jack hissed, reloading his revolver with practiced speed. “Elias, would you be so kind as to give us a little marching drum for this here parade?”

The dverge sighed and nodded, handing a stick of dynamite to Boom-Boom, who lit the fuse with a wicked grin. “Fire in the hole!”

The explosion rocked the street, sending a cloud of dust and debris into the air. The lawmen ducked for cover, giving the aett the opening they needed. They dashed towards their horses, tethered nearby.

Sheriff Blake emerged from the dust, his eyes blazing with determination. “Stop them!”

Jack swung onto his horse, firing a final shot that knocked the sheriff’s hat off his head. “Ride!” he shouted.

The gang spurred their horses into a gallop, racing out of town with the lawmen hot on their heels. Bullets flew, but the gang’s skill and coordination saw them through. Tom led the charge, his keen instincts guiding them through the rough terrain. Ivaldi and Boom-Boom, despite their burdens of cash, kept pace, while Liora and Jack’s covering fire kept the lawmen at bay.

As they reached the cover of the nearby hills, the sound of pursuit began to fade. Jack slowed his horse, looking back with a satisfied smile. “Congratulations Lady and Gentlemen, on another successful endeavor.”

Wanted: Draugr or Alive
Wanted: Draugr or Alive

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

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Negative Traits

Alfvin: You cannot attack Alfar, unless they attack you first.

Anachronist: You cannot use fire arms, or perform any Task that involves modern technology.

Hesitant: You can take no actions during the first turn of a game

Leaky Brain Pan: When this model is activated roll 1d10

  • 1 – Giggles softly, does nothing
    2-3 – uses first action to move in a random direction.
    4-5 – Behaves normally, but Gains 1 Shock at the end of turn
    6-7 – Screams at the top of their lungs, can not hide or creep this turn, otherwise takes actions normally
    8-9 – behaves normally
    10 – may take 3 actions this turn

Moron: “He’s what ya might call ‘Not Real Thinky’” You suffer a -2 on any Task that doesn’t involve brute force.

Sun Blind: You can only see 12” during the day or other bright light conditions.

Wanted: Draugr or Alive
A Troll and his AettA Troll and his Aett

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

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New Traits

The traits below are designed for use in a long term or ongoing campaign. Many of these traits are not suitable or particularly useful for one-off games.


Bonesaw: If this model is not knocked Out of Action, all other models in the Aett receive -2 on their Post Game Out of Action rolls.

Bounty: Your notoriety gains your Aett 1 RP at the start of each game. Your opponent gains 5 RP if you are knocked Out of Action. If you are knocked Out of Action, you loose this Trait during the Post Game phase.

Einheri: This model was Chosen by the Valkyrie to fight in the Final Battle. In the Post Game chart, this model always re-rolls any result of 10+, unless they were knocked Out of Action by a Jotunn. If this model is knocked Out of Action by a Jotunn, they receive +3 to their Post Game roll (see page 39, Core Rule Book).

Fire in the Hole!: After determining the placement of a blast template for a thrown explosive (see Grenades, p.33 Core Rule Book), you may re-position the template in any direction by 1” (This trait can be taken multiple times, each time increasing the re-positioning distance by 1”)

Galdrakarl: You are a practitioner of Galdr. See: Have Rune, Will Travel! (Fem. Galdrakona)

Gandramaestari: This model may purchase a second magical path trait.

*Hrafnskald: Huginn & Muninn sing to you all that is and all that was. Once per game, after the cards are dealt but before any are played, you may “memorize” 2 cards in your hand, and be dealt those same cards again in the next turn.

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

Heir to the One-Eyed: This model may purchase a third magical path trait.

Kyrth:  You are resistant to all forms of magic. Any magic that targets you suffers a -1 on its Casting roll.

Negotiable Affection: This model has another career, one that brings with it inside information, unique opportunities, and various means. Once per game this model may trade any face card currently in the players hand for any other face card, including those in another players hand.

Myrkrsyni: your posses “The Dark Sight”. You suffer no penalties or limitations for Night time or other low light conditions, but you gain the Sun Blind negative trait as well.

Prospector: You find flecks and the occasional nugget and are happy to share in your fortunes. Your Aett gains 1 RP at the start of every game.

Rimthursar: You share some line of ancestry with the Frost Giants of legend. You suffer no ill effects of weather.

Runristare: You are a practitioner of the Runamal. See: Have Rune, Will Travel!

Seidkona: You are a practitioner of the Seiðr. SSee: Have Rune, Will Travel! (Masc. Seidmathr)

Vaettabani: you gain +1 on wound rolls against Vaettr.

Veika: you are highly susceptible to magic. Any magic that targets you receives a +1 bonus on its Casting roll.

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

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Aett Creation

Your Aett is created using the rules for Crew creation as they appear in Fistful of Lead Core book, page 24, with the following exceptions:

Folk: Each model will need to be specified as to it’s Folk: Alf, Dverge, Human, Jotunn, Skroggr, or Vaettr.
While the Folk of a model does not inherently convey any traits, there are some traits that do interact based on Folk.

Magic Users: One member of your Aett may be a magic user, if you choose. Magic users must take a Trait that represents their magical path. See: Have Rune, Will Travel for more information.
During the campaign, other members of your Aett may learn magic, or you may recruit new magic users into your Aettir. See: Support Your Local Jarl!  for more information.

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

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Game Balance?

Gaming, to me it is about (or at least can be about) introspection, reflection and observances of the human condition. Yeah, pretty high-brow snobbish for a guy who spent his “formative years” in a basement with his buddies playing make-believe.

We look at the importance of the Bard in dark ages Europe, the Skalds of the Scandinavian Iron Age, the West African Griots, the Indonesian Dhalang. Wisemen charged with providing history, social commentary, spiritual services, comedy, entertainment, and I daresay a bit of magic and wonder through the power and vehicle of a story.

To me Gaming takes some of that magic, some that power and gives us each the opportunity, and the obligation to craft the great legendary epics that never were. There’s a beauty to the fluid mandala of a table top game, this ephemeral saga that exists only for that small handful of players, but is no less potent in its ability to direct, define, and shape those select few people than Homers Iliad, Aesop’s Fables, or Parables of the Tripitaka.

In the Era of Modern Gamer Geeks, perhaps Shakespeare’s sobriquet might equally hold true as “The Game Master”

Do not get bogged down in the minutiae of rules, chasing the ghost of “balance”. Life is not balanced, great stories are not balanced. This is not a game of precise tactics and exacting evaluations; it is a medium for telling each other stories, for crafting grand tales of heroes and villains, for having a few beverages around a table and finding bonds of friendship. For in the end, all that we are left with are stories.

Wanted: Draugr or Alive

Cattle die, and kinsmen die,
And so one dies one’s self;
One thing now that never dies,
The fame of a dead man’s deeds.
– Hávamál , verse 78

Where we are so far..

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So Fistful of Sagas gives us our basic introduction to the setting, and Aesir & Eights gives us our basic cosmology. Later I may add Ten Thousand Dragons to add a wuxia element with the introduction of the Chinese mythology of the Jade Courts and the Middle Kingdom, as 1 – The chinese immigrants are an important part of the Wild West history, and 2- the Turning of the Wheel is very analogous to Ragnarok, and playing on the similarities between the Aesir and the Celestial Bureaucracy, the Allfather and the Jade Emperor, the Runes and the I Ching Hexagrams. It could all work.. maybe… maybe.. we’ll see..

But in the meantime, lets start laying down some actual rules and mechanics. The next two sections: Wanted: Draugr or Alive, and The Good, The Bad, and The Loki, will start to define how Runestone varies from a basic Fistful of Lead game.


Where we are so far..

Aesir & Eights

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The Endless Ocean. Home to Krake, Hafgufa and other such monsters of the seas. It waters are now wracked with the turbulence of Jormungandr’s thrashings.
Games set in the Weltmeer would probably be naval combat or such. There is no land in Weltmeer, though one might possibly stumble across a Jotunheimar island.

Aesir & Eights

Notable Realms of Weltmeer

Aegir’s Hall: The Glistening Hall of Aegir and Ran, the Vanir gods of the Ocean and the Deep, and located in the blackest depths of Weltmeer. It is in Aegir’s cauldron, “Water Whirler” that the finest mead in all of creation can be brewed.

Aesir & Eights

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Homeworld of the Fire Giants, the primordial creatures of destruction and chaos. Muspelheim is ruled by Surtur.

Terrain for games set in Muspelheim would just be lava fields and the like. Muspelheim is probably not an appropriate setting for a miniatures game.

Aesir & Eights

Aesir & Eights

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The homeworld of Dvergar, Troll, and Skroggar. It is a sunless world rich with precious stones and minerals. Trolldom reflects from the glittering gold and uncut gems casting the landscape in unsettling hues. Those Men and Dvergar that reside in Myrkheim begin to take on the appearance of a aging corpse, milky-eyed and blued flesh.

Terrain for games in Myrkheim should include lots of gems and crystals, cavern or cave terrain would be quite suitable.

Aesir & Eights

Notable Realms of Myrkheim

Svartalfheim: The Home of Dark Elves, is not dark, nor does it contain any Alfar. This city state is the Grand Bazaar of the Nine Worlds, it is here that one finds goods and wonders from all the realms. In the goblin markets everything can be had for a price.

Nidavellir: The land of the Dvergar. “The Dark Fields”. This is where the great halls, forges and foundries of the Dvergar craftsman can be found. It is here, hidden from all light, that the greatest treasures can be crafted, from a magical sword, to an enchanted revolver that never needs to be reloaded.

Aesir & Eights

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The underworld. An ice-clad land of dense creeping mist and darkness. The beating of the wings of the carrion birds create howling gales that force the cold to bite deep and the winds tear at the flesh. It is a primordial realm of ice and darkness. It is the birthplace of fear and dread.

Terrain options for games set in the realms of Niflheim should feature snow, ice, or cold barren rock with as many skeletons and corpses as you have access to.

Aesir & Eights

Notable Realms of Niflheim

Helheim: The realm of Hel Lokenasdottir, it is the a land of the dead. A subterranean realm located deep below the ground. Those who died of illness or old age, are buried with the supplies needed to cross the Gjoll Bridge and reach Hel’s Hall – Eljudnir.

Nastrond: The pit beneath the roots of the World Tree, it is the home of the great dragon Nidhoggr, it is the final punishment for murderers and oath-breakers.

Hvergelmir: The well from which all waters rise. The bubbling spring is located deep into Niflheim, and it is thought that those who drink of its waters see the source of the cycle of life and death.

Nagrindr – The Corpse Fence. The great fortifications that surround Helheim and separate it from the rest of Niflheim. Made from the corpses of the dishonorable.

An illustration of Náströnd (1895) by Lorenz Frølich.An illustration of Náströnd (1895) by Lorenz Frølich.

Aesir & Eights

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The lands of the Jotunar. It is worth noting that what-ever or where-ever the Jotunn homeworld was, it has long ago been shattered, and fractured pieces of it are found throughout the cosmos. There is no easy entry into one of the Jotunheimar, there is always some difficult barrier to cross: a storm tossed sea, treacherous mountain fell, blistering desert, a wild fire, a raging flood river, etc. Here,the lands are truly wild, and untamed. The Giants of the Jotunheimar do not farm, few and far between are their cities. The Jotunheimar are best recognized for their otherness. No matter how mundane the lands might seem to a person from Midgard, there always a sense of otherworldly-ness about the lands.

Terrain for games set in the Jotunheimar might include dense forests, rocky mountain side, or very over-sized buildings.Trees that are out of place, or waterfalls that come from nowhere.

Aesir & Eights

Notable Jotunheimar

Thrymheim: The mighty stone fortress of Skathi, built by her father Thiazi, sits atop a steep craggy mountain, it is best accessed by air.

Utgard: “The Outer City” Utgard is far. No matter where to start from the journey to Utgard is farther than you could hope. If you find yourself in the great city of the Jotunar, you have strayed far, far from your path.

Mimisbrunnr: Mimir’s Well, the waters of knowledge and wisdom. To drink from the well is to gain access to unfathomable secrets. But like all knowledge it may only come with great personal cost. The Allfather, gave up his eye to drink from Mimisbrunnr.

Aesir & Eights

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Homeworld of the Vanir, a tribe of gods that ruled before the rise of the Allfather and the Aesir. Vanaheim is a city state in crisis, a land of wise scholars and philosopher kings forced to become a staging ground for the wars against fate.

Terrain for games set in Vanaheim might be inspired by the Greek countryside, or an idealized ancient Rome, Athens etc.

Aesir & Eights

Notable Realms of Vanaheim

Folkvangr: the great meadow and practice fields for war. Ruled by Freyja and home to her hall Sessrumnir, which serves as a war college for generals and tacticians.

Glitnir: Great debates and matters of law are settled in the cobbled streets and courtyards outside the Hall of Justice.

Noatun: The great port city, ships of all times and places might be found moored the along the dock or in the harbor. Ruled over by the Vanir god Njord.

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