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Painting BnB (not that kind of BnB, it’s Burrows and Badgers)

Painting BnB (not that kind of BnB, it’s Burrows and Badgers)

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About the Project

There's no specific goal for this project it's simply a catchall for the figures from this range that I've painted. The list is pretty small at the moment but I get the itch from time to time so hopefully it will grow. I certainly have enough models around for that!

This Project is Active

Squirrogue - Complete

Tutoring 1
Skill 5
Idea 2

I finished the painting off by building the daggers up with brighter layers of green in smaller areas until I got a fairly bright and hopefully poisonous looking dagger. The last couple of glazes were almost pure neon green, not the exact name of the paint but it was a vallejo game colour and you could pick it out of a crowd easy πŸ™‚

I did a little more work on the eyes and facial markings, picked out a few more highlights on the leather and proceeded to the base. I added a few rocks and based the whole thing with a green yellow, the theory being that if some showed under the flock it would perhaps blend a bit. The rocks then got dry brushed with various shades of brown and grey before being washed with strong tone.

Next came the flock and some tufts of coarse…flock πŸ™‚ I wasn’t exactly satisfied so I added a little more coarse flock in a different colour. Next I had been set on trying to make it seem like he was coming out of fog or appearing from the explosion of a smoke bomb. A difficult task but since I wasn’t really into the base still I figured what the heck. I started pulling very thin strands off of cotton balls, cotton swabs etc looking for ones with the least amount of pilling. I put tiny amounts of PVA on the base and then with tweezers gently put little strands of the cotton on. It came out okay-ish, certainly better than I had feared. And it looked a little more interesting to me.

Then I called it good because otherwise I’d easily be working on the model until Christmas and there would be less and less obvious changes to show.

Squirrogue - Prior steps

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 1
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I figured I’d try and remember what I did and track down the photos for it to give the new projects system a whirl. The miniature was largely done by brush but I started with a primer and layers of grey and then white placed by airbrush.

Next I used very thin layers of paint to block in the base colours, I used a bit of water and vallejo’s glaze medium (I believe it was close to 50/50 for paint/water&medium). This lets the highlighting from the airbrush affect the colour going on top which not only looks decent but helps in figuring out where to put in additional work on highlights and shadows.

With the base colours in I put a few thin washes of army painter soft tone over the fur to pull out the texture and then I proceeded to highlight and shadow the figure. I tended to start with a mixture of my base colour and the high/shade colour and work my way down or up still using very thin layers. I covered less area with each layer as well to try and get some blending in place.

Finally I started going after the blade starting with dark grey slowly blending in green. The idea being that I would get a pretty bright poisonous green going.

Previously painted

Tutoring 0
Skill 4
Idea 2

This one is from a few years back but I still quite like it. A jackrabbit knight of some kind. No in progress pictures unfortunately, or at least none I could track down πŸ™‚

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