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To Infinity and …

To Infinity and …

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Project Blog by jaze

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About the Project

I have been planning to try to get into the Infinity game for over a year but have never got around to it. I have been buying kits here and there for it but the magic of buy and hope failed. So last weekend I assembled all the models I have bought so far and plan to get them painted up so I can try to lure the gamers at my local club into the game, This project will initially be painting the infinity miniatures I own, followed by building and painting the terrain sitting in my cupboards. Then will continue on with adding miniatures as I get them and if game uptake is successful then may also include some battle reports or tactics review.

This Project is Active

JSA first attempt at snow leopard pattern.

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For JSA as a newer faction I thought it would be good to have a go at a scheme different to the box art colours. This’s for two reasons. The first is that white and red feels like they could look a bit like nomads, which as I have no local players I want all army’s to be distinct from each other. The second is because it’s fun to try something different and work on new techniques.

I still went with a scheme provided in the recent Uprising expansion book. Yukihyō, Snow Leopard, Pattern looked the least like how I am painting any of the current factions and camouflage is not something I have painted before.

Test model Test model

For my test model the technique I used was:

  1. airbrush the model white
  2. apply masking fluid with a small brush
  3. wait for fluid to dry
  4. airbrush with goblin green
  5. apply more masking fluid to different areas than the first layer
  6. wait for fluid to dry
  7. airbrush blend of black and goblin green.
  8. wait for paint to dry
  9. peel off masking fluid

The effect of this worked much better than expected, as I have never worked with masking fluid before.

I had some issues where getting the set mask off was also taking primer off the miniature also. I moved to use a large dry brush (wet) to lift the masking which much reduced this.

Next time I will try to seal the model with a varnish first and see if that removes the issue of taking to much paint off.



Scheming about schemes

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Work on colour schemes so farWork on colour schemes so far

Slowly making progress on the painting of the models which I have so far in my collection.

Part one is to work out the colour scheme for each army. For now I plan to mostly just have all units for each faction in one colour scheme, I figure that I can always come back to them later to mix up schemes for unit types or sectorial forces.




Nomad scheme testNomad scheme test

For nomads going with a muted red with various greys as their secondary colour

Yu-Jing are a warm/hot orange with grey clothing and more metallic seconds colours.


The other 3 factions are further behind in their scheming.

I am still picking the main tones of green to use for Haqqislam

JSA I want to try their winter army scheme, but keep putting it off as I think I may look quite bad.

PanO will probably be next as they should be simple to work out

Adding a bit of colour

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To keep track of having 5 factions being actively painted at the same time I have added a base colour representing the faction to all the models, except ariasta and mercs.

Keeping track of who’s whoKeeping track of who’s who

The initial wave assembled

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After only gluing my hand to the desk and it’s self several times I got all my models so far assembled and ready to prime. A few were already glued to the bases they came with, the rest I glued to spare bases for painting while I work out the basing I am going to use for the finished models.

Estimated models, once I get to  adding base colour will work out what they are.

  • 11 PanOceania
  • 12 Mercenary
  • 10 Nomad
  • 11 Yu-jing
  • 21 JSA
  • 30 Haqquislam
  • 12 Aristeia
Infinity models assembled Infinity models assembled

The 32 mm bases I used for most the models became of benefit for priming as they all fitted into the citadel project box paint rack.

First batch of models  primedFirst batch of models primed