Could Proxy War’s Custom 3D Printing Be Gaming’s Next Step?

November 13, 2013 by dracs

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A rather intriguing new Kickstarter has just appeared and has been gaining some significant attention. Described as the next step in tabletop gaming, Proxy War will allow gamers to custom design their own minis and have them 3D printed.

The Robotic Age

The idea behind it is simple; players can log onto an online database and assemble their own custom mini from the variety of parts and pieces. Simply clip them together and you can get them professionally printed, allowing you to easily make your own RPG models or even entire personalised armies.

Proxy War Pieces

Proxy War also offers an option to create a completely original miniature from scratch, teaming you up with concept artists to come up with the miniature you have always wanted to make.

Sci-Fi Tank Prototype

This service will be the perfect way for small companies or even individuals to get started on their own game.

Of course, if you don't fancy making your own game then why not just use the war game rules which will come with every Proxy War miniature, allowing you to game with it no matter how weird and wonderful you have designed the model to be.

As they put it, "If you want to print 17th century pirates and I want to make ninja cat girls we can do that, and then they fight to the death."

Pirate vs Ninja

There has been talk about how 3D printing could change the industry for quite some time now and it is excellent to see that Proxy Army, the company behind the Kickstarter, are trying to use the technology to its full potential to provide gamers with a greater creative freedom and input than they have ever had before.

Proxy War Heavy

There is so much going on with Proxy War and the Kickstarter seems to aim at implementing every gaming possibility the technology of 3D printing will allow, from the simple matter of making your own custom mini to getting your very own game off the ground.

Proxy War contains an awful lot of promise and is built upon an intriguing issue within wargaming, namely the revolution 3D printing could be bringing to miniature design, I will not be surprised if it enjoys significant success on Kickstarter. How about you guys?

Thanks to deaddave for bringing this to our attention.

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