A Coldfire Rages Through Pulp City

September 19, 2012 by dracs

Pulp City are continuing to show off some cool concept sketches for upcoming Supremes. This next one promises to be a really impressive mini, as well as an interesting paradox. He is the Supreme known as... Coldfire!

Pulp City - Coldfire

"Fight fire with fire? Who said that? We use fire against ice and chemical ice against fire. Coldfire is a prime example that nerdy scientists don't have to turn big & green to become respected Supremes." - Pulp City

Everyone knows that things are cooler (heh heh) when they are on fire. I cannot wait to see how the sculpt for this guy turns out. I really hope that they keep the appearance of him being wreathed in flames as it will create a brilliantly dramatic mini, while also providing collectors with an interesting painting challenge.

Do any of you fancy picking up a mini of this twisted fire starter? How do you think it could compare to the concept sketch?

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