A Helpful Robot is Ready to Assist in Pulp City

October 29, 2013 by dracs

It seems Pulp City is taking a quick break from thoose cool Grimm concepts to bring us a new support option for the Heavy Metal gang. Meet M.O.D.


Number 5 is alive! Sorry, my childhood broke through there for a minute.

M.O.D. started life as a miliatary war machine, but spared this fate and was reprogrammed to be helpful. So he is one of those helpful, multi-purpose robots, essentially a swiss army knife on a wheel, with a cheerful, chirpy personality by the look of it. He also looks to be quite the baseball fan. Poor guy. Someone hand the lost soul a rugby ball.

Still, sports preferences aside, he looks like a pretty sleek and interesting design with a character which harkens back to a lot of movie robots, both old and new.

Will M.O.D. be helping out in Pulp City? And do any of you have any idea what the M.O.D. might stand for?

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