The Infinite Hourglass Keeps Watch on Pulp City

May 8, 2014 by dracs

It seems that May will be the month for Pulp City fluff as some of the details of the Pulp City Supreme Edition's background have been let slip.


I believe the background in the new Pulp City rulebook will take the form of information gathered about each of the Supremes by the mysterious group named the Infinite Hourglass, whose time travelling agent Herald we see in that awesome piece of artwork.

If you're not fluff fan, then there is more to get excited about in the form of the two sculpted forms of Stygian.


Stygian's human form looks suitably alluring, if suffering from the worst hair day imaginable. However, her larger true form is utterly repulsive, a fantastic monster for the Pulp City Supremes to go up against.

Will you swoop in to save the city, or will it be yours for the taking?

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