A Massive Roster Of Superheroes Coming To Pulp City Soon

October 13, 2015 by brennon

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Pulp City have shown off even more of the superheroes and villains coming to their new Kickstarter later in November this year. Both factions in the game are getting a myriad of really interesting characters to choose from...

Supreme Alliance

These Supreme Alliance heroes are certainly looking awesome. I think Aquanaut is superb and puts poor Aquaman to shame I reckon. Battlesuit 7 isn't quite as impressive though, I just don't like the model and it's blocky nature - even though that would make sense.



The pick of the bunch is E.C.T.O  who looks like he's come out of some alien spacecraft that landed on Earth and now fights for the good guys - although I bet he was a bad guy at some point.


The painting on E.C.T.O is also very impressive and I love the way in which they've done the cape. He controls mass and density with his mind so he is less of a fighter and more of a controller on the tabletop.

Red Republik

While the name of this faction sounds like a clothing store it shouldn't put you off these characters. In particular Siberian is one of the coolest characters I've seen from the range...

Universal Soldat


This man-cat trapper crossed with a hunter is a deadly assassin and I could see him looking awesome with bright white fur and dark armour to off set it.


Which side are you going to fall on with Pulp City: Cold War?

Drop a comment below...

"In particular Siberian is one of the coolest characters I've seen from the range..."

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