Getting Up to Monkey Business in Pulp City

July 11, 2012 by dracs

This just in, Pulp City appears to be suffering from an influx of apes!

First there was mysterious reports of a monkey statue coming to life. This was later confirmed when we saw this image.

Pulp City - Mystery Monkey

What the animation of this simian statue could mean we have yet to know. Possibly this could mean we're in for some Monkey Magic.

If ape statues coming to life wasn't strange enough, eye witnesses have reported seeing what can only be called a robot monkey.

Pulp City - Robochimp

What is this mechanical monkey? What relationship does it have with the mysterious statue?

If these primate problems weren't enough we are starting to receive rumors of a true force of nature going ape downtown.

Pulp City - Nature Ape

We'll bring you more on this as it unfolds.

Good citizens of Pulp City, what do you think of this new monkey mayhem? Could this mean yet another threat to our city? And will I ever run out of alliterative primate puns?

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