Monstrous Minions & Supremes Get Sculpted for Pulp City

March 13, 2014 by dracs

The various new miniatures that were released during Pulp City's successful run on Kickstarter are currently getting sculpted up. Pulp Monsters have just put out an update showing off four of them, including the fan made supreme Antaean.




Antaean and M.O.D. (the Heavy Metal faction's one-wheeled robot) are looking pretty awesome, but for me the real highlight has to be those minion Anklebiters.


I love those vicious little fish-mutant things. I may even have to add them to my own pledge as I think the models look excellent, though I'm really holding out for Grimms and Hover Cats.

Do any of these sculpts appeal to you? Did you back this Kickstarter?

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