Pulp City’s Unveil the First of their Powerhouses

October 16, 2013 by dracs

While Pulp City's Tomcat may have been a little disapointing, I somehow managed to miss something much bigger. Literally! Pulp City's Supreme Edition will see the inclusion of Powerhouses, starting with this Soul Golem.

Soul Golem

The idea behind the Powerhouse is that they are a new way to bring in Level 3 Supremes. They are perhaps the heaviest hitters in the game, with more dice at their disposal than anyone else.

Their problem lies in that they don't have any Action Points, meaning it is up to the rest of the team to get these things moving.

It is the hope of Pulp Monsters that their Pulp City Kickstarter will provide them with the funding they need to sculpt new Powerhouses for each of the sub-factions. If they look anything like this Soul Golem I am excited!

Will you be heading to Pulp City for your hols this year?

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