Quake in Fear at the New Unlocked Pulp City Stretch Goals

February 11, 2014 by dracs

Two new Supremes have been unlocked for Pulp City over on the Kickstarter, two supremes which might just be the most terrifying beings to ever pound Pulp City's streets.


Feartigo is a supreme obviously inspired by the classic villain the Scarecrow, but Pulp City have managed to give him a design that, while recognizable, is still unique and interesting.

Wonder Wight

Wonder Wight, on the other hand, wins the award for the strangest brassier in history. There is something very hair metal about her design and it is sure to make an interesting model.

Apparently the back story for Wonder Wight is that she is a supreme from another dimension, pulled from the necroplane itself by Dr. Tenebrous. And she wields the lasso of lies... I will leave you to make your own assumptions.

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