Riposte… a new super for Pulp City

July 18, 2011 by beerogre

Take a look at this fantastic new super for Pulp City... Riposte!

Here's what the Pulp City guys have to say about her:

The mastermind behind Arquero and a deadly vigilante in her own right, Riposte. A chess grand master and Olympic class fencer with a thirst for revenge and a grudge against the Coven. Riposte is quick and deadly with a blade but it's her mind that is the real weapon.

I may be sacrilegious, but I fancy one of those for D&D. I always need a roguish fencer type to harass my players.

With a different colour scheme (brown leathers & cloth rather than white & silver-grey) she could quite easily fit into a fantasy setting... SOLD!

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