Tomcat Controls Pulp City’s Skies

October 15, 2013 by dracs

The power of flight is one of the all time classic super hero abilities. With the help of his high tech suit the newest member of Pulp City's Heavy Metal team is probably the best aerial combatant of all. His name is Tomcat.


Now at first I thought that the costume being sported by Tomcat was a bit ridiculous, even by Pulp City's heroes standards. But it does match his military back story well:

"Lt. Mark A. Ferguson is an perhaps the most talented Naval Aviator alive. After winning the Top Gun trophy he continued to distinguish himself. C.O.R.E. contacted him to discuss the strategies and tactics of aerial combat and the two became fast friends. C.O.R.E. was very much inspired and awed by Lt. Ferguson and offered him a position in Heavy Metal. Together they designed an suit that with Ferguson in comand ensured the Heavy Metal ruled the skies of Pulp City. Lt. Mark A. Ferguson is now known to most as Tomcat."

You can easily picture this guy flying between the buildings of Pulp City, before his suit transforms and he can fight in and hand to hand combat.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new Pulp City denizen.

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