Pulp Figures Soon Available Through North Star!

December 30, 2014 by brennon

North Star Miniatures are showing off the first of their Pulp Figures line-up for all of your adventuring needs. To start with their running the Heroes & Personalities collection and there are even some deals for you to take a look at with them...

Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers

Dangerous Dames

Rugged Heroes

Above are just some of the sets that are currently on offer through North Star and they really do start sparking some cool ideas for what you might want to do gaming wise. Maybe it's a race for an ancient treasure deep within the jungle, a film crew that suddenly get embroiled in something all too realistic for their tastes, or maybe you just want them to duke it out!

Take a look at some of their other offerings over on the webstore too.

Will you be doing any Pulp gaming?

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