Sleuths & Soldiers Coming Soon From Pulp Figures

October 14, 2014 by brennon

Pulp Figures have two more miniature sets coming out soon for two very different types of adventure. The first is their Drawing Room Detectives and the second is Major LeDuc's Enfants Terrible. One group are fighting crime in the comfort of a mansion while the others are causing mischief in the desert!

Drawing Room Detectives

Major LeDuc's Enfants Terrible

The first set, the Detectives, comes with some rather cool looking pieces that would be great to use in a range of themed board games. I could see people using them as alternative gaming pieces in something like Betrayal At House on the Hill or something of that ilk. It even comes with a clue set!

In the second set we're much more geared up for combat. Here we have some mischievous looking individuals who will no doubt be shooting, blowing up and stabbing their way through a temple filled with the undead!

What do you think?

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