The Alukah Strides Into The Mythos: Brotherhood Expansion Kickstarter

March 4, 2019 by dracs

Paranoid Miniatures recently launched a Kickstarter to bring a new faction, The Brotherhood, into the world of Mythos. In the latest update, they revealed a rather gangly looking gribbly; the Alukah.

The Alukah is a rather interesting creature. A spindly monster out of nightmare, these horrifying beings nonetheless seem quite comfortable with firearms.

They are also much taller than you might think, looming over this poor fisherman.

The Alukah forms part of the Kickstarter's special collaborative pledge, Crossover Into Madness. This is being run in conjunction with the Kickstarter currently being run for Purgatory: The Co-Operative Edition.

For this pledge level, you must pledge to both Kickstarters, which then unlocks a few extra goodies for you.

This is an interesting approach for both companies to take and it is good to see such industry collaborations occurring.

Let us know your thoughts on Mythos' latest horrifying denizen in the comments below. 

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