Atomic Mass Make Marvel: Crisis Protocol Rules Available

August 5, 2019 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has followed up on all of the hype from Gen Con for Marvel: Crisis Protocol with an option to download and read the rulebook right now. Download it HERE.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Rulebook - Atomic Mass Games

This is a really great idea, especially for a miniature game. I think it shows a lot of faith in their system that we're seeing a look at the game this early. This also means that people can give their feedback on the rules over the next few months and anything that needs tweaking can be changed. I have had a read-through of the book over the last couple of days and I am liking what I'm seeing.

I will hopefully go into more detail concerning the game's rules in the coming days but to begin with, it feels like a nice mix between Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes. I really like the activation system, driven by the use of a power resource which is generated by actions and abilities and in turn is used to power them. That mixed with a focus on what seems to be a scenario-driven game means that it shouldn't just devolve into a slugfest.

When creating a team you pick ten of your favourite heroes and villains and once the scenario has been revealed via the choice of cards, one player picks the threat level. Threat translates into 'points' and you will then build a team which fits into that threat limit. You can get bonuses for running a team which fits thematically, like the Avengers for example, but there's no limit to how many heroes and villains you can throw together.

There are a lot of symbols you will need to get your head around, and custom dice from the looks of it but I would hope that after a while this becomes second nature. Overall, from a cursory look over the rules, it feels like a fun game which gets the superhero spirit right. However, I'd very much like to get my hands on it to play.

Download the rules yourself and give them a look!

" feels like a fun game which gets the superhero spirit right"

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