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September 21, 2021 by brennon

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There is a whole host of new releases for those diving into the horror-filled tabletop goodness that is Don't Look Back by Black Site Studio. The first big news comes in the form of The Cursed Crate #1 which bundles together a load of new content for Don't Look Back at a discounted price.

Momma Lunas Pizza - Dont Look Back

Momma Luna's Pizza // Don't Look Back

Momma Luna's Pizza is a new expansion that combines together both a character and a Killer. You will take on the role of Momma Luna who is an elderly resident of Northwood. She also happens to be a lycanthrope!

In this particular storyline, the players will play as both Momma Luna and then switch into her werewolf form. You will then find her take on the deadly Dark Circle Pack Leader! This turns into werewolf-on-werewolf action and also gives you lots of new options for your own Don't Look Back scenarios too.

The second of the expansions in the Cursed Crate is Trilogies.

Trilogies - Dont Look Back

Trilogies // Don't Look Back

Trilogies introduces new mechanics into Don't Look Back for playing linked scenarios on the tabletop. Much like the best of horror movies, these will play out in trilogies and can either take the form of Pursuits which follow on directly from each other or Returns which represent the Killer showing up many years down the line.

As well as finding rules for tracking the changes in your characters, you'll also note the addition of a unique series of plots that talk about the special miniature within this set, The Seer.

The Seer Bonus Miniature - Dont Look Back

The Seer Bonus Miniature // Don't Look Back

So, if you want to play out your very own horror trilogy on the tabletop then this is certainly a good option for you to consider snapping up and adding to your collection. The events of your Trilogies can also be expanded with the introduction of the Environments & Twists Of Fate card deck.

Environments & Twists Of Fate - Dont Look Back

Environments & Twists Of Fate // Don't Look Back

This introduces new ways for you to make interactive terrain during your games of Don't Look Back. You'll also find Fate cards that can bestow curses, boons and conditions on your characters which make their endeavours harder or easier during the night! I always like options like this as they often add a little bit more spice to games.

So, if you want all of the above then you can find it as part of their new Cursed Crate system!

Paranormal Investigators & Haunted Horrors

As well as the options from the Cursed Crate we also have a bunch of new miniatures in 32mm scale for you to dive into. All of these could be used in games of Don't Look Back. First up, we have the Paranormal Investigators.

Paranormal Investigators - Dont Look Back

Paranormal Investigators // Don't Look Back

This pair are heading out into the night looking for all manner of strange things in the darkness. Maybe it's aliens? Perhaps it's ghosts? I hope that they have a good pair of shoes on so that they can flee when things go pear-shaped!

Talking of things that go bump in the night, we also have the new Horror Pack D.

Horror Pack D - Dont Look Back

Horror Pack D // Don't Look Back

This comes with a motley assortment of weird and twisted killers for you to use in your games. I am not liking the look of that towering lady in white. I have a feeling she likes the taste of blood! Use these as stand-ins for Killers during your games or just populate your tabletop with some seriously creepy looking individuals!

Defend Momma Luna's!

Finally, we also have this excellent piece of terrain that fits nicely with the contents from the Cursed Crate.

Momma Lunas Pizza Terrain - Dont Look Back

Momma Luna's Pizza Terrain // Don't Look Back

Now you have something to defend when the werewolves come knocking. Also, you also get a delivery guy who is probably just going to book it as soon as the furry fighting starts happening!

Oh, and before I forget, if you want to seriously theme your games of Don't Look Back, how about this Deluxe Measuring Gauge!

Measuring Gauge - Dont Look Back

Measuring Gauge // Don't Look Back

Totally unnecessary but it looks awesome! A nice bit of fun for the person who owns everything from Don't Look Back already.

Are you going to be checking these new releases out?

"Trilogies introduces new mechanics into Don't Look Back for playing linked scenarios on the tabletop..."

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