What’s Going Down On the Z-Clipz Outbreak Kickstarter?

October 1, 2014 by dracs

Recently, Studio Miniatures have been working hard to bring us a full scale zombie apocalypse with their Z-Clipz: Outbreak Kickstarter, which has already succeeded in producing a number of zombies, survivors and terrain pieces, ranging from hobos to hatchbacks.

Hobo Master Sculpt

The Leader

The Kid

The Lovers Her

The Lovers Him

Family Hatchback

Recently, Studio Miniatures announced the inclusion of two new larger backer levels: the Serious Gamer and the Serious Collector. These will provide pledgers with even more miniatures with which to stage their apocalypse. Studio have also promised that there will be future stretch goals releasing free miniatures exclusive to these pledge levels, the first of which has just appeared.

Holy Zombie

That must be the most peaceful zombie there has ever been, but somehow I doubt he's going to pass up the opportunity to munch on your entrails.

The sculpts we have seen emerging from this Kickstarter are really promising. Studio Miniatures have already got a superb range of zombies and survivors, but I would say that the models on display here manage to surpass even that characterful collection of the undead.

Have you pledged into this Kickstarter yet? Are you going to help Studio Miniatures unleash this outbreak on the world?

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