More Horrifying Creations Join Kabuki’s Lovecraft Nightmares

September 17, 2014 by dracs

Kabuki Models have published some more concept sketches showing off the gribbly monsters and artifacts they will be making in their upcoming Lovecraft Nightmares Kickstarter.

Lovecraft Nightmars Concepts

Lovecraft Nightmares Cult Icons

Lovecraft Nightmares Shub-niggurath

Lovecraft Nightmares Cthulhu Wallpaper Concept

Lovecraft Nightmares Cthulhu Statue

Lovecraft Nightmares Concepts

We've seen Lovecraft's famous monster sculpted by a number of miniature companies in the past and it looks if Kabuki Models are going to bring their own unique approach to these creations. Their take on Shub-Niggurath is particularly interesting, as most depictions I have seen in the past have shown it as a more amorphous thing covered in tentacles.

Do any of these sketches tempt you to chip into Kabuki's upcoming Kickstarter?

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